Top Ten Lists by Spectralowl that Deserve More Attention

(I know that this list may be self promoting and narcissistic, so if you want to call this list out all you want, you must consider that I am aware of this happening) I have made 60 lists so far which is quite a milestone considering the little amount of ideas for lists In today's TheTopTens. However, only 10 to 20 lists I made got any attention while others have been sorted into a place for complete, eternal obscurity. However, I will show a detailed list about the lists I made that should get more attention, and You should check them out.
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1 Worst Things About Online Schools

We enter an age where everything is being converted to websites. Shopping, Dating, and Even Education. However, I once experienced the suffers of attending an online school, and I did not have a good outlook when I escaped them. If there was an attempt to replace regular education, there could be a chance the list will help prevent this from happening. - SpectralOwl

2 Reasons to Hate Snapchat

This one talks about a major social media app we all know. However, there are some people who hate the app and the center features. It might not be a quality list in terms of description. But what about the idea for the list? It is a pretty original and I was surprised it was not out there before. - SpectralOwl

3 Top Ten Video Games that Were Ruined by Their Fanbase

This is pretty popular among my lists I created, and that is great for the fact that it's my first list. However, I am not Very popular on TheTopTens. It Talks about how some video games were affected mostly negatively by most members of their fandom. I am glad that this- My first list- has gotten a bit of an audience, but there is still a bigger potential audience that still have not found this list. - SpectralOwl

4 Top Ten Types of Lists on TheTopTens that Shouldn't Be Your First List

The Description I put in this list was " Sometimes, people pay attention to a first list when judging a user. If you wanna make a good first impression, try not to make a list that fits in one of these categories". I put in some effort and reasoning for the entries, but It did not seem to get any attention. It is supposed to be a helpful list about what not to use for an important first list. - SpectralOwl

5 Worst Movies Based on Books

For twelve years of ideas for lists being out there, you would think that someone has made a list about this before, but that isn't the case. however, someone has made a list called worst movies based on GOOD books, but that was much before this one. It is less specific and include bad movies based on bad books. You should check it out - SpectralOwl

6 Top Ten Random Things to Say While Trick or Treating

This is a Halloween themed list that is meant for humorous purposes. I know it isn't what you would call quality, but I was rushed on that list. It may be obscure, but chances are, it is filled with humorous entries. If you like "Top ten random things to say lists", then this list is for you. - SpectralOwl

7 Top Ten Mario Kart Tracks with the Best Music.

This is a list I actually put effort to into. And I mean from top to bottom. You know, the only reason it didn't find an audience was probably because it might have not shown up on newest lists (not the popular new lists, the newest lists). If you are a fan of the Mario kart series. You should check out this list. - SpectralOwl

8 Top Ten Song Titles that Replace the Word Love with Idiocy

This is another humorous list that take songs with the word love in the title and replace it with the word Idiocy. It partly makes sense because People can be Idiots about love. If you like word replacing song title lists. Then you might not regret checking out this list - SpectralOwl

9 Strangest Mobile Apps

The mobile app world is always presenting something brand new. However, not every app would give people the best impression, as this list covers the weirdest, most questionable Mobile apps to hit the app store. Highlights include: Places I've pooped, Runpee, and Yo! - SpectralOwl

10 Top Ten Worst Things About Christmas Movies

This list was created near December, or the Christmas season. And one thing that always happens in the 30 days before Christmas: Christmas themed movies. Some of them can be classics, others can be straight out bombs because they may have applied to these entries about Christmas movies. - SpectralOwl

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