My Top 10 Favorite SML/Sipermariologan Characters

These are the picks for my favorite sml characters. these are my opinions so you cant change them ;)

Also if you didnt know i haven't been on for a few years (tbh: i forgot about this site (O_O))
I'm back now! 8D

The Top Ten

1 Jeffy Jeffy

Jeffy is the most controversial character of all the SML characters. Many old SML fans hate Jeffy for how he acts and the way he is used in videos. Because of swearing and breaking things some people (Including Myself) think that Jeffy acting crazy is humorous. - kjr

2 Brooklyn T Guy

Brooklyn Guy is a sarcastic, (Sometimes) depressed, and Funny (Larry) of SML. He fills in for almost every job in the videos. He is a Doctor, Police Officer, Reporter, Firefighter, Judge, Plumber, Exterminator. Delivery Man and many More. He could possibly be rich with the many jobs he has but always talks about being poor. - kjr

3 Cody (SML)

Cody is a LGBTQ character and is Bowser Junior and Joesph's Best Friend. He is usually made fun of for being gay but is funny when he gets mad at Junior. His mom is always made fun of which makes him mad. - kjr

4 Goodman (SML)

Mr. Goodman is a wealthy entrepreneur and friend of Mario. He usually says things he'll do to Mario when he half trusts him with a task. Like threatening to sew his B******k to Mario or when he'll say that HE will eat his nuts. - kjr

5 Rosalina (SML)

Rosalina is the wife of Mario and the adoptive mother of Jeffy. She is almost always the peacemaker when Mario and Jeffy argue. She is nice to Jeffy and despises Mario when he is aggressive against Jeffy. She used to be constantly talking about stars but has stopped nowadays. - kjr

6 Chef Pee Pee Chef Pee Pee

Chef Pee Pee is the highly underpaid slave of Bowser. He is usually seen cooking disgusting meals and taking care of Bowser Junior. He always complains about his life and sometimes wants to die. He has a family that doesn't care about him only because they're royal and Chef Pee Pee's not. - kjr

7 Black Yoshi

Black Yoshi is the black stereotype in the SML Universe, (Playing Call of Duty, liking chicken, drinking grape/purple Koolaid, calling people folk, and owning a glock) He usually wines when he doesn't get what he wants, (Which is usually money for a new Call of Duty game) He steals and manipulates people and is also really funny. - kjr

8 Mario (SML)

Mario is the main character of the SML universe. He has a wife named Rosalina and an adopted son named Jeffy. He (along with Chef Pee Pee and Cody) get a lot of "Torture Porn" He is the mascot of Nintendo so he usually goes to meetings where Jeffy comes along and ruins it like when he lost his hat, or when he used the finger trap. - kjr

9 Jackie Chu

Jackie Chu has most appeared as an Educator for Bowser Junior, Joesph, Cody and so-on. He usually talks about how a fly killed his grandfather. - kjr

10 Charleyyy

Charleyyy is the character who does a bunch of wacky stuff and always has a different scenario in Bowser's favorite T.V. show, Charleyyy And Friends. - kjr

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