Top 20 Worst Hells Kitchen Contestants

I selected them based on their behavior.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Lacey D Angelo {season 5}

That's why her name is Lacey because she is a lazy whiny fat crack whore like what Robert said. She was very useless WAY MORE than Seth

2 Raj Brandston {season 8}

Female Lacey. He also was doing funny acts like the drunk karate and was wasting food. He even refused to apologize to the diner when Gordon told him to just because "he had a dirty jacket" and that's why he got disqualified at episode 3

3 Robyn Almodovar {seasons 10 & 17}

Most disrespectful contestant ever. She was like "You call me a bitch today and you want me to keep my mouth shut" to Kimmie! Even sabotaged Kimmie during elimination. She also looks like shes a wasted drug addict

4 Jen Gavin {season 4}

Black Miss Piggy. She sabotaged Louross and Petrozza which may signify that she is slightly sexist like fellow comtestant Jason but Jason has worse sexism

5 Sara Horowitz {season 2}

Disrespectful demon girl she is the fat Robyn

6 Sabrina Brimhall {season 8}

Shouts all the time and blames her teammates each time they lose in team challenges. She was also arrogant towards Melissa

7 Russell Kook Jr. {season 8}

Now I have the male Robyn. He is a sore loser who accused his team of sabotage in the finals never showed respect even towards Gordon

8 Gina Aloise {season 11}

She was SUPER USELESS and WAY MORE USELESS than Raj even left the competition just because of unfair treatment by her team

9 Jason Underwood {season 4}

Very sexist pig that sucked terribly

10 Matt Bloch-Sigel {season 4}

5 year old in a 35 year olds body