Hayden's Top Ten Favorite Games/Franchises

This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Pokemon

I've spent countless hours battling, catching, and trading Pokemon. From Red and Blue to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, It's all fantastic.,

2 The Sims

Though I've only played 3 & 4, It is a pretty fun and addicting game. I play it almost every day!

3 Gang Beasts

This is honestly the most hilarious game I have ever played. I love to make my little marshmallow man dance by (ps4) holding Triangle and tapping square.

4 Roblox

Honestly don't bash the game saying "it is for babies" or "It sucks" when you probably haven't even played it. It is fun, as long as you find the right games on it.

5 Undertale

Me: Dancing to Spider Dance and Death By Glamour

Also Me: ok moving on

6 Ark: Survival Evolved

This game is fun, but I think (don't hate me if I'm wrong) that humans and dinosaurs never lived in the same period. Fun, but not historically accurate.

7 Lego Harry Potter Years 1 to 4

I had fun with this. When I started playing it, though, I had no idea what Harry Potter was.

8 Agar.io

I love naming myself doge and trying to get to the leaderboards but failing.

9 Mortal Kombat

Punch punch punch

10 Super Smash Bros Wii U

I will be Jigglypuff and I will get you.