My Top 10 Personal Favorite Indie Games

This is MY top 10 opinions on indie games! if you don't think it is right, read the first sentence of this description.

The Top Ten

1 Five Nights at Freddy's

Yeah, I know, the fanbase is obnoxious, but I remember when it was a fresh, new game. I got into it in 2015, just before FNAF 3 got announced. Since then, I have bought the games, collected the merchandise, and I was sad yet proud when the series went out with a bang, that bang being FNAF 6, which was a great game! Also, I heard rumors of console releases! - Granton8ter05

2 Super Meat Boy

This game had a great impact on the indie game industry, along with FEZ, Braid, and Cave Story. And after 8 years, it is FINALLY getting a sequel at sometime this year! - Granton8ter05

3 Minecraft Minecraft

Another crazy fanbase game, but I love this game because I grew up with it, and trust me, the fans weren't always as crazy as they are now! - Granton8ter05

4 Cuphead

This game has a really classic 30's cartoon vibe to it, which I enjoy, being a big fan of classic cartoons. - Granton8ter05

5 Bendy and the Ink Machine

It is just a horror version of Cuphead, but for some reason, the game feels so hard to me, but who cares!? - Granton8ter05


This game is really original, and that is why I like it! - Granton8ter05

7 Undertale Undertale

I'm gonna do a bit of math here. Great soundtrack + original characters = masterpeice - annoying fan art = kind of a masterpiece. - Granton8ter05

8 Hello Neighbor

Also a very original game! - Granton8ter05

9 Rocket League

A bit overrated, but a good game to kill time with! - Granton8ter05

10 Braid

Haven't played it mush, but I like it! - Granton8ter05

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