Top 10 Worst Schools in Surrey and Hounslow Area

This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Thomas Knyvett College

€˘ Students are rude and disrespectful and violent to teachers and visitors
• times where I have heard about kids being mugged
•Overcrowding in hallways and classrooms

2 Matthew Arnold School

€˘Has been a special measures school for a few years
•student are very rude outside school and inside
•poor money and building

3 Springwest Academy

€˘known notoriously as Feltham Community College also he worst in Feltham Bourogh
•Gang activity inside school area
•Fights are quite common

4 Ryders Enterprise School

€˘also known for being on Special measures for a while
•several times I have walked by and smelled Canabis from playground
•Disrespect to teachers

5 Sunbury Manor School

€˘has been ok over the years but still has some crappy functions
•kids are seen arriving at school 1 or 2 hours before gates close
•I have seen a few fights outside the school (which is next door a Primary school)

6 Kingsley Academy

€˘students have failing GCSE results and are bringing the school into ruin
•Teachers have lost interest in students work
•students stand in streets around the school causing slow traffic

7 Heston Community College

€˘Fights are known at this school
•GCSE grades are going into a zig zag line
•students have been banned from local shops

8 Reach Academy

€˘Very small school and building
•Astro football pitch on the roof of the building (what idiot made that happen)
•students sometimes feel mistreated but GCSE results are becoming a lot better

9 The heathland School

€˘has become a much better school
•GCSE grades have kept at a C/6 grade
•disturbing of community from students has become less common

10 The Magna Carta School

€˘Very good school for sports
•extremely big and has to much room for students making it look empty
•new students get lost in the school