Top Ten Worst Things I've Heard from Pink Gold Peach Haters

Ok, I have seen many, many, MANY complaints about Pink Gold Peach since when I at first had no opinion on her. And, for some reason, these complaints actually made me like PGP and feel sorry about her. And it's not because of the people making these; it's the actual things the haters are saying. Here, I'm going to show you what, in my opinion, are the worst things I've heard from Pink Gold Peach haters. I'm dead serious about this, not joking.

The Top Ten

1 "PGP replaced other characters"

Again, no proof that this happened at all. And worst of all, some haters have the nerve to say that PGP replaced characters who never even been on a Mario Kart game, like Dixie Kong. Even characters who were obviously aren't in Mario Kart 7 but in older MK games, like Waluigi, Funky Kong, and even King Boo. Because PGP is in the game instead of some other character you wanted to be in the game DOESN'T mean PGP replaced that character. And the character you wanted came from a previous Mario Kart game, PLAY that previous Mario Kart game instead of MK8! Or just ignore PGP! - QueenJazzy21064

The same went with The Koopalings, Honey Queen, Lakitu, Wiggler, Metal Mario, Baby Characters, Animal Crossing Villagers, Link, Isabelle, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Splatoon Inklings and Gold Mario - ToadF1

Even though she should've been just a costume for Peach, I feel the haters are beacoming way too harsch, when I first had no opinion and the nsaw the haters, I actually started to really like her, well, I hate her now because I feel like she is uneeded and lazy, but even tohugh I hate her, I think her hatebase is very annoying, and this is coming from PGP hater. - darthvadern

2 "PGP sucks at Mario Kart"

There's no proof that PGP sucks, anyways. This is just a pathetic excuse of a reason to hate on a character in general. Haters who say something like this very likely suck as playing as PGP or was brainwashed into believing this. - QueenJazzy21064

People actually say this? It's the one controlling her that sucks at Mario Kart (if the person sucks at Mario Kart). - darthvadern

It depends on the Player if they suck - ToadF1

3 "PGP is an abomination of the whole Mario series"

Again, no proof. Similar to the "worst character of all time" thing, but much more harsh. Also, you wanna know what's the actual abomination of the whole Mario series in at least my opinion? Modern Toad's voice, Baby Mario crying for what feels like 24 hours, educational video games (especially Sonic Schoolhouse. That monkey will always creep me out.), and Hotel Mario. And the haters are basically saying that PGP is worst than those things. Sigh, sometimes I just want to question those haters' tastes in video game characters. I'm not saying that PGP is amazing; I think that PGP is just tolerant enough to classify as a character in my book. - QueenJazzy21064

4 "PGP is the worst character of all time"

Pink Gold Peach may be my least favourite character in the mario franchise, but she's nowhere near the worst character in existence! That title would go to some dictator or something like that. - darthvadern

Another reason with no proof whatsoever. There are literally more than a hundred characters who are worst than PGP, people! - QueenJazzy21064

Bubsy, Waluigi, Cream the Rabbit, Rouge the Bat, Wendy O. Koopa and Larry Koopa are worse - ToadF1

Not quite true. She's had very little development, and hence less unlikeable qualities than some terrible characters the art of fiction has spawned. - Entranced98

5 "PGP is a dumb robot"

PGP being a dumb robot is not canonically proven by Nintendo, and if Nintendo gave a description about PGP, they'll surely will never call her that. Plus, you saying this is basically you being a complete bully. - QueenJazzy21064

How is she a Robot anyway? - ToadF1

6 "PGP is a clone of Peach"

PGP is not a clone of Peach; she's a VERSION of Peach. There's a difference between clones and versions. Clones are characters who look EXACTLY like another character, like identical twins. Versions are characters who not only represent what a character would look like from a different area/situation, but also look SIMILAR to another character. PGP doesn't look exactly like Peach, therefore making her a version, not a clone. - QueenJazzy21064

Exactly, version and clones are two different things, Daisy is more of a clone than PGP ever was!. I hope there will be Green Bronze Luigi in the future. - darthvadern

I regret making this comment, PGP is a disgrace to the Mario franchise. - darthvadern

So is it the same with Metal Mario? - ToadF1

7 "PGP is the main reason why MK8 has gotten worse"

Actually, if Pink Gold Peach didn't exist, MK8 wouldn't change anyone's experience at all. And also, what kind of ruined my MK8 experience the most was Battle Mode, and I was happy when Nintendo changed it in MK8 Deluxe. PGP didn't ruin any part of my experience AT ALL. Plus, blaming some new character on some game is downright retarded. That also makes me think that you need to learn what "good reason" means again. - QueenJazzy21064

If 1 character that you don't have to play as ruined the game for you, you never liked the game in the first place. - Zach808

It's not like she changes the actual gameplay. Don't like her? Don't play as her. Problem solved. - Entranced98

8 "Nintendo is being lazy enough to put another clone into the Mario Kart roster"

To me, that is a very harsh thing to say about Nintendo.
Another thing: Nintendo isn't the most creative company all the time, so don't expect a completely different new Mario character every time a new Mario character is announced. - QueenJazzy21064

Actually, I think this is a good reason to hate PGP considering there were tons of classic characters like Nabbit, Birdo and Bowser Jr. that could be added into the roster. - darthvadern

9 "PGP is a lazy excuse of a new character"

A lazy excuse of a new character, in my opinion, is a character who's too much like another character. PGP isn't too much like Peach because of two reasons:
1) We never had seen her get kidnapped.
2) Her tiny personality is not the same to Peach's. - QueenJazzy21064

PGP doesn't even have a personality, and of course we haven't seen it get kidnapped seeing as she is only used as SPIN-OFF FILLER! *sigh*. - darthvadern

10 "Seeing PGP just brings me hatred"

If you don't like seeing PGP at all, then stop playing any games with her on it, just don't play as her, or just completely ignore her, for crying out loud! - QueenJazzy21064

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