Top 10 Ideas for Saw Traps

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The Top Ten

1 Chainsaw Platform

10 people are on a spinning platform. Someone will land in front of the chainsaw. The guy(protagonist) can either press the green or red button. Green: Chainsaw cuts down the rope around their necks, but his hand gets shot. Red: Chainsaw slashes the victim. However, he can only save 4 out of 10 people!

2 Fire Room

The straps around the 4 victims have wires that connect to the other end of the room which has fire. They have 2 minutes. Every 30 seconds, they are pulled closer. They're separated by glass. One person has buttons in their section, which they have to push to release all of the straps.

3 Head Crusher
4 Flesh Grabber

One guy must find tools to slam the locks on the devices, which are on the other 3 victims(each of the 3 has 5 flesh grabbers on them). However, he has one on him as well.

5 Electric Wire Maze
6 Head Splitter
7 Body Ripper
8 Spinning Circle

Key in the middle of the circle. Spikes underneath the circle for the people who fail to get out of the room in time.

9 Stretching Machine
10 Eye Impaler

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