Recap: Martin Canine's Top Ten Songs of 2016 (As of January 30th, 2018)

Hey, who's ready for a little recap of the magnificant musical output of 2016?

So, what we remember of this specific year is foremost the huge amount of negative events that likely will make it go down in history as "the black year" or some stupid thing like that. However, it also had its share of great songs (and albums, for that matter), and that's what I personally remember it for. There was a wave of art pop that experimented with all sorts of styles, trap took over Germany and reminded us that flow and musicality is just as important as lyrical content, artists became more aware and released musical statements to the world's condition, a musical enchanted the hearts of many millions, and much more exciting things.

So, after more than one year of consideration, I came to the conclusion that these are my top ten song picks of the year 2016:

10. Kay One feat. Michelle Mendes - Das Öl wurde zu Blut
9. Beyond the Black - Written in Blood
8. Fler - Junge aus der City
7. La La Land Cast - Another Day of Sun
6. Casper feat. Blixa Bargeld, Dagobert & Sizarr - Lang lebe der Tod
5. Rihanna - Love on the Brain
4. Beyoncé feat. Kendrick Lamar - Freedom
3. darkviktory feat. Paperblossom - Monster
2. Jamala - 1944
1. Dat Adam - Sanageyama

I also wrote a post where I explain the qualities of the individual tracks, as well as bonus infos such as genre, album and length, that I will add soon.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Sanageyama - Dat Adam Sanageyama - Dat Adam
2 1944 - Jamala 1944 - Jamala
3 Monster - Darkviktory & Paperblossom Monster - Darkviktory & Paperblossom
4 Freedom - Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar
5 Love on the Brain - Rihanna
6 Lang lebe der Tod - Casper, Blixa Bargeld, Dagobert & Sizarr
7 Another Day of Sun - La La Land Cast
8 Junge aus der City - Fler
9 Written in Blood - Beyond the Black
10 Das Öl wurde zu Blut - Kay One & Michelle Mendes