Top Ten Things that Shouldn't Exist

Look beings this is my opinion of the things that I wished to live a gleeful,perfect,fulfilled life which is my own world to embrace and fulfull with my own mind and palms.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Stupidity

This feels like a bullet in my head I am tired of stupid questions,sayings,and more.

2 Hip hop

This has made our modern music at this point of time rubbish and crappy it has make me full of hatred of brawns created this kind of music.

3 Rap

Same reason as #3(except change the subject)

4 Slangs

I hate it when idiot teens use slangs to save up time well I see the whole point of it previously of what I just said but it makes them look like complete CARELESS RETARDS.

5 Mistakes

This has created many damn disasters for stupid causes like the deepwater horizon oil spill and even small mistakes like the pizza got burnt in the oven or even large personal mistakes like the house was caught on fire well my god that is so repulsive of idiot adults not foreseeing it and preventing any of these stupid mistakes.

6 Brawns

Deviants,dumb ordinary teens,and very unexpected forgetful morons

7 Pornography Pornography

Dirty minded deviants.

8 Curiosity

I basically have no curiosity at all well of very advanced curiousity I'm quite fine with it but the ordinary kind of curiosity it's plain dull the gifted people with something special in their minds will indeed please me

9 Arrogance

This is why Donald Trump wad elected for office in 2016 because of these idiot southerners and some northerners are too dull and blind to see of what WRATH and his disgraceful powers been fulfilled in his palms has make this nation an abomination and makes them look bad to the rest of the globe of what type of people we surprisingly are

10 Homophobes

Still we have to put up with idiot homophobes and even religious RETARDS of discriminating us of their distinctive gender which seems very uncomfortable and unpleasant to dumb homophobes.