My Top 10 Japanese Musician's

These are my Top 10 Japanese musician's (solo, group, band, etc.). This is my own preference so please be nice to me and this list :P
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Yui

I know completely different from place 2-4. All hype Rock musician's and now we have a Jpop singer with a very calming voice. I love Yui's claming voice and again it is a voice you can recognize from everywhere. Her songs are just awesome and I think every Anime fan knows my favourite song: "Again" which was used as the first opening of "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood"

2 Nano

My personal J-Rock queen. I love Nano's deep voice. I love her japanese and english songs and Nano is just amazing. You have to experience her songs for yourself. My favourite song is "Rock On"

3 My First Story

Take the younger brother of the lead singer of Japan's most successful rock band and you have another amazing singer with another amazing band. Hiro's voice is also a voice you could recognize everywhere and "My First Story" have done enough amazing songs to be number 3. My favourite song is "Reviver"

4 The Oral Cigarettes

I love voices that do not sound like everyone else like the voice of the amazing lead singer that "The Oral Cigarettes" have. His voice is something special which you could recognize everywhere. My favourite song is "Shala la"


Put a talented singer and an amazing music producer together and you got GARNiDELiA. I love their songs they are just amazing. I discovered them through my favourite song "Ambigious" which was used as the second opening of the anime "Kill La Kill"


I love AAA. Never regret discovering AAA because they make awesome songs and are also ready to experiment a little bit eith the genres. My favourite song is "Still Love You"

7 Kalafina

I actually discovered Kalafina a short time ago and still have to go a long way with them but the vocals are amazing, the instrumental are too and the mysterious sound in their music is awesome. My favourite song by them is "Red Moon"

8 Flow

Flow are legends. They made so many catchy anime songs we will never forget like the Naruto songs "Go" or "Sign" and Code Geass' "Colours". "Sign" is definitely my favourite song

9 Happiness

It may be a sub group of E-Girls but they have something E-Girls don't have: Ruri Kawamoto. I love deep voices and she has a really deep voice and is not in E-Girls but in the sub-unit Happiness. My favourite song is "Rewind"

10 Chemistry

I really love their amazing vocals. They can do epic songs but also balads. My favourite song is "Period"