Top Ten Reasons Why Metal Music Should Be Illegal

Before you chop me down to North Korea, THIS LIST IS A JOKE, I'M MAKING FUN OF THE LIST ABOUT WHY POP MUSIC SHOULD BE ILLEGAL, all I'm going to say on this list is not meant to be taken seriouly, I like metal, I enjoy metallica and other metal bands.

Admin, I'm not cyberbullying here I'm making fun of that list, not the creator himself, please don't suspend me because of this list and please don't remove this description and please don't remix this list to another list. And please don't ruin this masterpeice.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 It is stupid like the creator of this list

Admin please don't remove the "like the creator of this list" because I put that to make this list funny

2 Boys who think that they are smart but the truth is they are idiots like it

I'm not a pamanazi, I just hate boys because they don't like me for liking pop

( I misspelled femenazi on purpose)

3 It sounds bad like a car crashing
4 It braindries people

Again please admin don't fix the braindries part

5 It's not mainstream music

People who like matal have baaad hygene

6 It's always played on a metal radio station

You know why don't people play pop music on a metal radio station? I'm sick of metal music, I listen to a metal music radio station everyday

7 Idiots like it for some stupid reasons

Dumb people think metal music is good when it really isn't I'm more dumber than them just so you know

8 It has a lot of screaming

Pop singers sings so beautifully and is verry fassionate about their music. While metal is trashy and they are not so fassionate about their music (again, I misspelled passion on purpose)

9 It sucks, like the people who think this list is a serious list

Please don't remove the "like the people who think this list is a serious list"

10 It has annoying instrument like electric guitar

I like a more calming instrument, not loud instrument you know loud instrument can lower your IQ if you listen to loud music you're IQ is now low like mine