Best Time Tracking Software with Desktop App

Even though there are many tools for time tracking, and the new ones still emerge, not all of them have the desktop app. It’s a feature which has a great advantage over the software which doesn’t have it.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 TimeCamp

TimeCamp’s desktop app is probably one of the most convenient, distinguishing it from the competition. It is a small, green stripe which displays, usually, in the right bottom corner of the screen (of course, you can move it wherever you want to). You can adjust your tasks by clicking on the app and change them according to your needs. You can do it either manually or automatically. The app also detects the idle time.

2 Toggl

Toggl’s desktop app is an average-size window in which you can see all your projects. You can adjust them depending on what are the details concerning your project, for example, client, task, project’s name.

3 Klok

Klok’s desktop app is a comprehensible tool which allows you to track time while you working with a detailed insight thanks to it. In Klok you can divide a large project into smaller ones and work on them individually.

4 RescueTime

In its simplicity, the app helps you to become more productive and learn what causes you to lose focus. Moreover, you can block the websites which disturb your work.

5 DeskTime

It gathers all the information on your tasks, time spent on particular activities as well as productive and unproductive activities.

6 Tick

In Tick’s desktop app (which, unfortunately, is available only for iOS) you can enter new time entry based on project, client or task. You can also enter notes or take a deeper look at your work by clicking on a specific task.

7 actiTIME

It has all the most important features necessary to track time. It shows you a time tracker, tasks, reports, and users.

8 Hubstaff

Hubstaff’s desktop app works similarly to Toggl’s. It displays as a window in which you have access to your tasks and projects.

9 Harvest

Harvest’s app allows you to add entries based on the project or task. You can also see the exact date and time you’ve so far spent on your activities.

10 TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor has an extensive desktop app. You can monitor your tasks, projects, and all other activities on your screen without the necessity to log into the cloud. It has an in-built to-do list and integration between projects.