My Top 10 Garnidelia Songs

Here are my Top 10 songs from the Jpop Duo GARNiDELiA consisting of Mai Mizuhashi (Maria) and Toku.
This is my opinion so please respect it even if your list is different. Enjoy
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Error

Number 1 is her latest comeback "Error". I can't stop listening to this song even after nearly 2 months I just can't stop because it is so awesome. My favourite part is Everything. The whole song is a masterpiece

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2 Yakusoku - Promise Code-

Number 2 is "Yakusoku". This song was actually a long time my number 1. It is really awesome and hype and I also love this traditionell japanese sound they use when they begin the song and that is also my favourite part of the song

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3 Speed Star

Number 3 is "Speed Star". "Speed star" is such a great song and I fell in love with it really fast. My favourite part is the bridge where they use this "old radio tune". I love it in generell when songs use that "old radio sound"

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4 Ambiguous

Number 4 is my first GARNiDELiA song "Ambiguous" which I discovered through the Anime "Kill la Kill". This song is still a song I love and I can't understand why so many people in the anime community hated this song. Well different opinions. My favourite part is the chorus

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5 Cry

Number 5 is "Cry". I really love this song and also Maria's vocals in it. This song was really great and my favourite part is the chorus

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6 Grilletto

Number 6 is "Grilletto". This was actually my second GARNiDELiA song and it is just awesome. My favourite parts are the high notes in the chorus

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7 Aikotoba

Number 7 is "Aikotoba". This is a very Happy song and it makes good mood. My favourite parts of this song are the pre-chorus

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8 Gokurakujoudo

Number 8 is "Gokurako Jodo". Like "Lamb" it has a choreography video and it is also very upbeat. My favurite part is the dance breakdown

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9 Lamb

Number 9 is "Lamb". I love choreography videos and "Lamb" was one song that had a choreography video. "Lamb" is very upbeat but my favourite part is the bridge because it gets calm at the bridge.

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10 Desir

Number 10 is "Desir". A beautiful ballad with a beautiful MV. The Strings at the beginning are actually my favourite part of the songs

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