Random Things About Marioninja101

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The Top Ten

1 I’m a Nintendo Fan
2 I love pizza!
3 My favorite animal is a lion
4 I love the old Nickelodeon and the old Cartoon Network
5 I don’t like curse words
6 I’m a Jehovah’s Witness

My father was a Jehovah's witness before but he isn't although I'm an atheist (please respect me- Kevinsidis

7 I love making others happy
8 I love music and singing
9 I like getting new friends
10 I love Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks

The Contenders

11 I love lions
12 I hate curse words

So do I!

13 I’d do anything to help my family and friends
14 I know the key to true happiness
15 I can’t wait for the new world among God’s people

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