Top Ten Obvious Facts About Topten User Selfiefan68

These are Facts Everyone knows about me.
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The Top Ten

1 I Am The Creative One Of The TopTens
2 Best TopTen User Ever
3 I'm Gay

Yep, and I respect you. I support LGBT rights! 🙂

4 I am The Hottest Top Ten User ever

Oh I’m confused I thought you said you were the sexiest top ten user ever. 😶 - HollowArrow

5 I don't like Dimash Kudaibergen

Message received lol - HollowArrow

He is number 1 on almost very list, I don’t even know who he is.

6 I love to take Selfies

It’s in your name - HollowArrow

7 I like to Speak my Mind

That’s hot lol 😂 I know we joke but, I could see Selfiefanman reaction to this:

(Online) Selfiefanman: He ain’t gonna date your ugly ass😂

(Real life) Selfiefanman to Selfiefan68: I’m sexier than him right 😟

Oh Selfiefanman and Selfiefan68 it’s a joke I love and respect y’all - HollowArrow

8 I don't like Asians or Chinese or Japanese people

Without Japan their wouldn’t be anime - HollowArrow

Why? - TheWorstAccountEver

9 I am in 13th Place on Most Lists

Congrats your reward is that your still underrated. I’m 2016 that was the year of story series posts and that was easy no way I’m devoted to make 1,000 lists - HollowArrow

10 I been on this Site Since 2014

You left for two years right? - HollowArrow