Top 10 Minecraft Pvpers

(MY OPINION) Top 10 Minecraft Pvpers so far

(Note:This is for how much these people kill each other and gap)

Ok yeah no offensive to These People
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 SuchSpeed

Too Speedy in Melee and Gaps

Not like Sanic :C

2 Tylarzz

The guy that likes to Double Ngal the guy this guy has an addiction to eating his gaps and rod/ melees way too much


3 jdegoderen

God EU Player Kills his friends way too much and lets halfdumb die in wheel of death without helping him

what a selfish guy :P mean

4 Xnestorio Xnestorio

The guy that has Amazing Packs but says 'Shot EM' without getting tired at all what a god of not getting a sore throat every time he says' Shot EM' and has a dolphin laugh... did his orignal laugh die?

5 IBearHD

IBeardood my favorite iBear name the guy that rekts his block chaos friend / 1 win in rr not like their friends :C

Only reason its 5 because he has great luck in P3 Punch2 bow :P

6 HalfDumb
7 BiboyQG BiboyQG

Ace the guy that ruins everybody's dream and gets trolled by his buddys way too much and smashes his keyboard when he rages like a boss and Won a UHC ON AIR Season 4

Only Good at Teams not solo :P if he's good at solo like he used to be but come back Ace

8 Solrflare

Solr was one of the Block Chaos people and pretty chill in games with The insane skill of melee and Bow Where he would could kill someone instant

Lets Ace Carries him in UHC ON AIR SEASON 5 :P

9 BlueDeww

Really Good at Melee of Jittering like Mentally and Meh at Bow but he could kill the Insane Huahwi at Number 1 of Vikki :P duhh

10 Mentally

Good at Melee and Decent at Bow/ long shot at Cynical season 4 (the life changing season) and Jitters