Top 10 Songs from Tamar Braxton's Tamar

Personal picks for the 2000 self-titled album by the one and only, Tamar Braxton. A classic album that is criminally underrated.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 If You Don't Wanna Love Me

"And I wanna say that I finally realized, the words I love you don't mean a thing"

A classic 90's Toni Braxton/Mariah Carey-esque vibe, this second single from Tamar's debut album is as heartwrenching as you will ever have wanted. Serving up some of Tamar's iconic vocal runs, If You Don't Wanna Love Me has an undeniable timeless charm.

2 Money Can't Buy You Love

"Don't wanna sound like I'm a gold digger, but I like the finer things in life"

Featuring one of the most flawless falsettos on this offering from Tamar's debut album, Money Can't Buy You Love gives us all the diva-esque attitude we've been looking for in Tamar that we've needed.

3 The Way It Should Be

"I wonder how you see your dreams, 'cause I see all my dreams in you"

Illustrating that flaming desire for eternal romance within every hopeless romantic, this song captures the simplest aspects of love and demands that that be the basis of a relationship. Contrary to the message behind Money Can't Buy You Love, this track has a golden hook that keeps looping itself in your mind.

4 Count the Ways

"You know the way to put a song in your heart, you've always been there for me right from the start"

5 Try Me

"So if you let me love you I can take those clouds away, I'll fill your world with joy"

6 Once Again

"You whisper things in my ear you know that every single woman in the world likes to hear"

7 No Disrespect

"But I'm naturally beautiful, high quality, I'm tired of you disrespecting me"

8 Tonight

"So much negativity I need a way to release, all the tension in me gotta make ends meet"

9 Miss Your Kiss

"Lying under the moonlight, how soon can you get here 'cause I'm ready to play"

10 Don't Cry

"You were never there for me, your kisses never meant for me"