Top 10 Fetishes that Xandermartin98 Has

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The Top Ten

1 Brain Fetish (Neurophilia)

Why does this exist?

That's a... surprising number of fetishes. - Ananya

A.K.A The most disgusting fetishes that I have seen

2 Endo/Vore Fetish (Endosomatophilia/Vorarephilia)
3 Foot Fetish (Pedophilia)
4 Ear (Canal) Fetish
5 Shrinking/Giantess Fetish
6 Anthro (Furry/Scalie) Fetish
7 (UmJammer) Lammy Fetish

Assuming that she would be rendered as three-dimensional when taken out of the series' canonical art style (like in the anime, which she ironically wasn't featured in), I want to ejaculate into her brain so badly (I don't even care HOW I do it) - xandermartin98

8 BDSM Fetish
9 Nose Fetish

what - PeeledBanana

10 Porn Fetish

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