Top Ten Things Marioninja101 is Tired of Hearing from People About Mario

Now before you read on, please don’t bash on me. I know that none of us, including myself, can’t stop these things below from being said. But it’s just stuff I put down so you can know more about me. And besides, I’m bored LOL. By the way, I’m tired of hearing these things because I know that I can prove these things wrong with evidence and reasoning. For some of them, they’re just plain stupid.
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The Top Ten

1 “Peach should defend and save herself! She’s weak and useless!”
2 “Sonic is better than Mario!”

Both are equally good - Randomator

3 “Mario is a copycat!”
4 “Amy Rose is better than Princess Peach!”
5 “Sonic cares for his friends and gives them the spotlight unlike Mario!”
6 “Peach will never be good, she whines and sobs!”
7 “Sonic has better games than Mario!”

Um nope - Randomator

Sonic '06 and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric confirm this statement false. - Entranced98

8 “Pauline shouldn’t have been replaced by Peach!”
9 “Mario copied Sonic’s 100 rings and made it 100 coins!”

That's not even true. Mario came 5 years before Sonic. - Drawbox

10 “Mario is not original!”

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