Top 10 Songs from Tamar Braxton's Bluebird of Happiness

Personal picks for the 2017 fifth and final album by the one and only, Tamar Braxton. A sleek, polished album to close off her album-producing career.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Blind

"I'll turn a blind eye just to solidify ya 'cause I need you back in my life"

Interpolating an iconic track from the likes of Etta James can be dangerous, but Tamar takes this one home on the second single of Bluebird of Happiness. Retaining the timeless attributes of I'd Rather Go Blind, Tamar creates a heartbreaking narrative on a golden track, on her willingness to salvage a hurting relationship.

2 My Man
3 The Makings of You

" You got that heart, that soul, you perfect in my eyes, you're the light of my life"

Another track that features an old-time classic, this track was tastefully done and created layers of the track that feels both modern, and as a throwback. One of the stand-out tracks on the album, the Makings of You was perfectly reinvented for a modern audience.

4 Hol' Up

"And if I text you better call back yeah, 'cause you know what I want"

5 How I Feel

"I'm just sitting silent knowing that actions speaks more than words"

6 My Forever

"It's like we fly away past the stars and the moon and you should know how much you mean"

7 Empty Boxes

"You never know, when it goes so you better fight, let it go when you're wrong, so you better try"

8 Heart In My Hands

" Sending several messages just to see what she just had to say to him"

9 Pick Me Up

"I love spending time with you and boy, that'll never change"

10 Wanna Love Me Boy

"I know you see it crystal clear sassy on my own, sexy body independent and I get that dough"