My Top 10 KPop Girl Groups

These are my top 10 KPop girl groups and believe me it will not be like all the mainstream top 10s. No Blackpink Or Twice at the top 3 (Spoiler alert!)
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten


My favourite group is EXID. I can't describe how much love I have for this group but I tell you why I love this group. 1. Development: The EXID members grew more and more and got better and better especially The younger two: Junghwa and Hyelin. Seeing this development makes me happy because it means that they get even better as they already were. 2. Songs: Since Solji and Hyelin joined the group and they became 5 (So every era except their debut era) I've been loving all songs they bring out. It always hits my taste. 3. Members: The members of EXID are actually like a family and the goofiest members ever seen on Kpop. All 5 members love to make fun of each other like to behave like there isn't a camera filming it and they just stay true to their true personality. They don't change as soon as a camera appears. 4. Support: I mean the support of the members to each other. They are very supportive with Solji beeing Ill and she couldn't appear in the last 3 comebacks but she still is a ...more

2 Mamamoo Mamamoo

The people who have heard Mamamoo probably know why they are so high up on my list. Mamamoo does have the best vocals of all kpop girl groups. They have 3 very talented singers and even their Rapper: Moonbyul proves to be a damn good singer (If you don't believe me then listen to her solo song "Love & Hate"). I also love how Moonbyul has the perfect Rapper voice (In my opinion). My favourite song is "Starry Night"

3 Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is in the top 3 because they are a Rock Girl Group and I love my Rock. Seriously I love their songs, I love their covers. I love how their covers always ends up to be better than the original. Dreamcatcher deserves as much love they can get <3

4 Girl's Day

I love Girl's Day. Their music sounds very attractive. I love the voices of all 4 members and also Yura's rap voice. Girl's Day was a group I liked instant when I first discovered them and I am sure it will stay like this. My favourite song is "I'll Be Yours"

5 Red Velvet

My top 5 begins with Red Velvet at the 5th place. I love Red Velvet. I love the weird and fun music videos of the red side and the slower and mature songs of the velvet side. I also love the change of them getting more and more a sexy girl group. My favourite song is "Bad Boy"

6 Nine Muses

The interesting thing about Nine Muses. I was never interested in them but when they got 4 I started loving them. I think I just like it that they don't have to give lines to 9 members and they all will get short lines. It is awesome with the 4 that are doing music as Nine Muses now. I love Sojin's rapping. It gives me goosebumps. My favourite song is "Remember"


AOA was one of my first girl groups in Kpop. I started stanning them at the beginning and I still love them. Another sexy girl group with fantastic vocals (Even if Choa left) and an awesome Rapper (Which you can easily recognize). My favourite song is "Like A Cat"


CLC actually just joined my top 10 list. They weren't in my sight all the time but I listen to them since "Hobgoblin" and I like the sound of CLC. My favourite song is "Black Dress"

9 Sistar

My number 9 is sadly disbanded. It is Sistar. I love sexy girl groups and Sistar was one I loved. Also love Hyorin's voice a lot. My favourite song is "Give it To Me"

10 Blackpink Blackpink is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

This badass group deserved a place at my top 10 but they did not manage to get very high on this list as you see. My favourite song is "Playing With Fire"