My Top 10 Lamar Hall Parts

My top 10 parts of Rooster Teeth's rapper Lamar Hall
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Like Morning Follows Night

This is my favourite Lamar Hall rap part because he goes off. Also I love the lyrics of this part and I love how you can imagine Sun rapping this part.

2 I Burn

This rap part is definitely hotter than the sun. I really love this part. It is strong, it is not slow and it really fits. This was also the first part I have learned myself.

3 Caffeine

This whole Rap part is about Coffee. So I just have to love it. Combine 2 things I love Lamar Hall rapping + Coffee and you get this awesome rap part.

4 Pray

Lamar Halls part in Pray (It's the second part). I love also Red Rapper's part but this list is about Lamar Hall. So here we go with this slower but awesome part

5 Terminate (1st part)

His First part in Terminate just goes in and I really love this song because it is a full song only with Lamar Hall Rapping

6 Terminate (2nd part)

It was really hard for me to decide which part of "Terminate" I like more. But I decided that I like the first part more. Even if the sentence "I'm taking shots with the devil" is in the second part.

7 Fragments (2nd part)

He goes off in both rap parts but it's the second rap part where I though: "Well, I think this part should go in my top 10". The first part had a little pause. This one just continued. Sadly both parts are short because I love Lamar Hall's rap style (Especially when he goes fast)

8 On Your Knees

So the Flow in this song is amazing and I have a hard time sorting the last 5 places of Lamar Hall's rap parts because he is an amazing rapper. I love this part because of his flow.

9 Talkin' that shit (2nd part)
10 Round One

This is a slower and shorter part but it is still very good.