Overrated in My Opinion Movies that Have a High Rotten Tomatoes Score

These movies deserved a lower score than I feel the Tomatometer gave them it is subjective as all opinions are I will be including the current scores
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 (500) Days of Summer

(85%) I still maintain to this day this is an awful Manic Pixie Dream girl trash heap of a film. Besides an unlikable leading man we get an unlikable Girl as well. I know a lot of critics praise it for breaking the mold of rom coms but when I find both characters unlikable and not even in a delightfully evil way it's hard to care if it's "different". A weird (actually unpopular too) observation is despite Tom being the ultimate "niceguy" douche Summer is awful as well. A lot of her behaviors make no sense (especially at the reveal she's engaged) and she does things that send mixed messages to idiot Tom. Look as a female I'm for agency of sexuality of women but I find this behavior gross in either sex. It does not allow a partner or friend to move on from feelings and can leave lasting pain. Plus she has the personality of a stale taco shell. The only good thing I can really advocate is some of the shots look nice.
My not tomatoey score 0.1/10

2 Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

I wanted to like this film my friends gave it high praise and the premise seemed interesting. Lo and behold it's the film equivalent of meeting an awful celebrity. You expect them to be deep and hard working but their shallow and pretentious. To be fair the performances are well done but empty. It feels so self congratulatory and it's message is odd at best.
My rating 1.5/10

3 Titanic

This film is an overlong glorified romantic drama masquerading as a historical film. It contains inaccuracies but those aren't my main grievance (most historical films are very inaccurate) it's the very boring atmosphere. I just didn't find Jack and Rose engaging. The beginning where they are searching for the ship I actually find cool. But it's the middle slog that bores me to tears it feels all so pretentious and stale. The ending pieces with the ship sinking are better and even powerful at moments but I just didn't feel engaged by the middle of it

4 Happy Feet

Though hardly the film I disdain the most on this list I find it odd how this has a higher score than the land before time or Fox and the hound. The animation is gorgeous but the plot feels stale at points and has an extremely tacked on environmental message. The songs are done OK but I wish they tried for original melodies. Mumble is just your underdog forgettable lead and his love interest is just the love interest. Its serviceable but meh

5 Stuart Little 2

Its cute but 81% seems too generous for a really generic family film. Nathan Lane as Snowball is still my favorite part as a begrudgingly nice but still grumpy sassy cat. It didn't feel fresh to Me though it's OK though if you like talking animal pics like I do

6 Paranormal Activity

I still don't see the big deal with this one it wasn't even that frightening OT original uses conventional horror tropes and the ending is still predictable
My score 3.4/10

7 Freaky Friday

Once again kind of a bland movie it's harmless but forgettable

8 SpongeBob Sponge Out of Water

It's a mixed bag I love the first part with the apocalyptic bikini bottom and the time travelling but once they reach the surface it goes downhill for Me. It gets messy and boring and feels like they switched plots completely to appeal more to the way young crowd in case the first was too adult.
(first act alone I would give 8.0/10 but tacking on the nonsense lowers it to 5.8/10)

9 Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

Lol couldn't resist that. While not as boring as the 2nd of the prequels or as Jar Jar Bunks filled as the 1st the 3rd isn't the best of any star Wars movie. The action gets ramped up (thank god ) but it's still not to the originals fun meter. It passes but gives a resounding meh

10 King Kong (2005)

It has good parts but is just overlong weirdly enough I didn't mind the infamous ice skating Scene though