Top 10 Modern Sonic Zones

The best modern stages from Adventure forward.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Final Rush (Adventure 2)

The atmosphere, art direction, and music are all exceptional. It has very well designed platforming sections and multiple routes to compliment that. Each time you play it you can discover something new. The rail grinding is pushed to its absolute limits as well. Overall it just gets your adrenaline pumping.

2 Sky Sanctuary (Generations)

The scenery is breathtaking and even more so the level design. Many hidden routes and areas make replaying the level so worth it. The gimmicks with the clouds and switches are great. It has some memorable set pieces too.

3 Seaside Hill (Generations)

Between this and sky sanctuary it was tough since they have so many similar advantages. The gimmicks like kart racing and water running are handled so well and it is just so visually stunning.

4 Crazy Gadget (Adventure 2)

This is how you do 3D sonic gimmicks right and all the gravity stuff is simply amazing. The progression of the level makes you love it even more. It all leads to a great section with the colored gravity blocks in open space. Also Eggman commentary is 👌.

5 Lost World (Adventure)

Despite some big problems, I can’t just help love the stage. The set pieces are definitely some of the most memorable. Getting past camera problems with the snake it was still a decent section and I personally love the stuff with the mirrors and gravity panels.

6 Rooftop Run (Generations)

A very solid stage with many great set pieces. One of the most visually appealing stages and the way the stage flows without big interruptions from point A to B is satisfying. Once mastered this stage is a playground to be blazed through.

7 City Escape (Adventure 2)

Not for nostalgia but because the stage really is great. It is undoubtably the most iconic 3D sonic zone with moments like with the snowboard or crazy semi. The platforming is certainly great and gets you well adjusted to how sonic will play in 3D.

8 Chemical Plant (Generations)

Similar to Rooftop Run from the same game they are fine tuned to be a boost coarse where you can just rip through sections. Still it’s so entertaining and with great platforming what else would you need. Love the music...

9 Pyramid Cave (Adventure 2)

Once again some of the best 3D sonic gimmicks with the timed doors and platforms, ghosts, and pole swinging. Great atmosphere too, with super cool flashy moments.

10 Frog Forest (Heroes)

One of the few levels that is enjoyable from start to finish in Heroes. Gimmicks like the frogs and vines are great. The mellow atmosphere really works well.