Top 10 Greatest Things Donald Trump Has Done as President of the United States

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The Top Ten

1 Aided with the denuclearization of North Korea

Glad to finally see a positive Donald Trump list...

2 Brought ISIS to its knees

In 2014 when Obama was president they expanded and we did literally nothing to stop them.

2017: When Trump was President we basically destroyed them - Randomator

The ONLY positive thing I see about tRump. - Synchronocity

3 Creating the lowest US unemployment rate in 20 years
4 Negotiated with China to where they agreed on fairer Trade
5 A record GDP growth

Funny that at the beginning of Trump's term, Obama and all the self-professed "experts" said things would tank under Trump, and only the poor results Obama had was even possible under the new normal. Now three years later, Obama is trying to take credit for the good economy.

6 Assisting with bringing an end to the Korean War
7 Tax Cuts
8 Capturing the 5 most-wanted leaders of Isis
9 Bringing back Space Exploration
10 Helped free American Prisoners captured by North Korea

Another area where Obama did nothing - Randomator