Best Minecraft Story Mode 2 and 1 Characters

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1 Jessie

It can be a boy or a girl and it’s your character. - penis

Spelled Jesse's name wrong on here. But whatever. He still wins award for most improved Mary Sue protagonist

I don't think JESSE is the best character, but not the worst. The thing is is that they and their actions depend solely on the player. Wanna pick an inspirational speech everyone will thank you for? You're a good person! Wanna pick on someone? That's fine too! Jesse will be whoever the player wants them to be, and whatever you choose them to be will make their interactions with others depend on if they are truly the best or not.

2 Nurm

Nurm is a cute villager! The cutest thing about him is the way he talks. - penis

3 Radar

Oh he is adorable and he is the cutest other than Nurm! - penis

4 Ruben

Such an adorable pig...I miss him! - penis

PIGGIE DIES! :((( Love you, bud!

5 Axel

Axel is so strong and funny when he’s mean to everyone! - penis

6 Petra

She is brave and cool. I love her. - penis

7 Olivia

She is incredibly awesome and nice! - penis

8 Lluna

She is a cute lama. - penis

9 Jack

He is awesome and cool! - penis

10 Ivor Ivor

I love him! - penis

Why is there a flag