Best Fighters from Karate Kid Franchise

Couldn't find a top 10 fighters from the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai franchise list anywhere online so thought I would create one on here.
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The Top Ten

1 Johnny Lawrence

I think Johnny would've probably defeated Daniel had he not have used the illegal crane kick. Johnny was also Kreese's star student and former All Valley Karate champion. In Cobra Kai he beats 3 men armed with bats all at once and also manages to successfully train students to a level high enough that one of his students won the championship. - JamesNicholls

2 Mr. Miyagi

Every person Miyagi fought he dominated, he never lost a fight in the original trilogy. Miyagi takes 1st place by quite a big margin in my opinion. - JamesNicholls

3 Terry Silver

Terry Silver lasted longer than anyone else Miyagi has fought in the Karate Kid trilogy. He put up a better fight against Miyagi compared to Kreese, Chozen, Barnes and Lawrence. Therefore that's enough for me to give him 2nd place. - JamesNicholls

4 Mike Barnes

Dominated Daniel in KK 3, he would've certainly won the tournament if he hadn't of kept intentionally giving himself penalties. However I do think low confidence was holding Daniel back a lot in KK 3, had he of had his confidence throughout the entire movie he would of put up better fights against Barnes. - JamesNicholls

5 Chozen
6 John Kreese

Sensei of Cobra Kai Soho in the 80s. We haven't seen many feats from him other than lasting a for a bit longer than a few seconds against Miyagi in KK 3. Some might say that Kreese choking Johnny was a feat of Kreese, but I don't count that as Johnny was taken by complete surprise. - JamesNicholls

7 Daniel LaRusso

A very skilled 2-time All Valley Karate champion. Although Daniel is undoubtedly talented, I believe he had a lot of luck in his fights in the original trilogy. For example the crane kick he used to win the 1984 championship was illegal and in the other championship Barnes would've won the tournament if he hadn't of kept giving himself penalties. I don't think Barnes would've been so dominant had LaRusso had his confidence right from the start, but I think even then Barnes would've won only with a bit more of a struggle. - JamesNicholls

8 Bobby Brown

Bobby had a very close fight with Daniel, he might have won had he not used an illegal move. - JamesNicholls

9 Miguel Diaz
10 Hawk

Would've probably defeated Robbie in Cobra Kai had he not of been disqualified in my opinion. - JamesNicholls