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1 Shrek 1 is the worst movie of all time

ok, why? - iliekpiez

I disagree, but I can sort of understand why some would think this because fart jokes, something that was overused a lot in this movie, tend to turn some people off after a while, and the plot was pretty generic. I do agree that it’s extremely overrated though. - 3DG20

I like it - darthvadern

2 Home is the best dreamworks movie
3 The lion king  is the worst disney movie

I disagree. It’s one of the best in my opinion, but I will respect your opinion just as long as you return that respect to me. - 3DG20

I love it - darthvadern

4 Norm of the North is great

I found it enjoyable as well - darthvadern

5 The emoji movie is really good

I understand the hate but I liked it - itskenny

Some people may get mad at me but I agree - DrayTopTens

6 Shrek 2 sucks

I disagree, but it is very overrated. - 3DG20

I love it - darthvadern

7 Alvin and the chipmunks is a good franchise

It was at least good enough to entertain my 9 year old self. - 3DG20

I liked the third one and the original was somewhat alright I guess, I hated the rest though - darthvadern

8 Sony pictures animation is  a good movie company

I agree with this and number #4, especially this one, Sony is recieving so much hate because of one movie, it's not a bad company, people just keep comparing it to Pixar and Disney - darthvadern

Their movies aren’t my favourite, but I don’t find them as bad as people say. - 3DG20

9 Monsters inc and  the Lego batman movie are the tied best movie of all time

I’ve never seen “The Lego Batman Movie”, but I think “Monsters Inc” is pretty good. - 3DG20

10 Wall E sucks Wall E sucks

I agree. I thought it was a really boring movie. - 3DG20

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