Top Customer and Employee Feedback Apps 2018

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The Top Ten

1 Soft Intelligence Data Centre

Feedback apps are very popular nowadays. They are used to track business growth and collect information from customers and even employees. If you are looking for a company that provides user friendly Feedback apps for customers and employees, check out feedback apps from Soft Intelligence. Our Tell Dan and Tell Sid gives accurate information. - llarrywatson25

2 The Culture Amp

The Culture Amp platform makes it easy for you to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. From onboarding surveys to company-wide engagement, individual effectiveness and more, the platform manages multiple sources of feedback and connects the dots for you. - llarrywatson25

3 Instabug, Inc.

Allow your users and beta testers to send their feedback and report bugs, directly from within your app, by attaching screenshots, voice notes or even screen recording to better express themselves. - llarrywatson25

4 Apptentive

Using proactive mobile communication tools, we empower companies to deeply understand their customers in order to drive app downloads, create seamless customer experiences, and validate product roadmaps. - llarrywatson25

5 MOpinion

Mopinion powers digital teams by offering a feedback collection and analysis solution that supports users’ desires for data discovery. All in a delightful user experience. - llarrywatson25

6 Usabilla

Our clients utilize our software to stop guessing what users want, and start listening to what they need. Over 20,000 clients worldwide use our Voice of Customer solutions to improve user experience, increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction. - llarrywatson25

7 Tinypulse

Understanding that employee feedback needed to be ongoing and easy to respond to, we started TINYpulse with a mission to revolutionize the employee survey. - llarrywatson25

8 Qualaroo

The Qualaroo team has years of collective experience in decision
analysis and can help you design and implement questions that get the
exact feedback you are looking for. - llarrywatson25

9 Tap My Back

Tap my Back is a tool to implement an instant recognition and feedback culture. Improve workplace motivation and boost team performance in less than 5 minutes per month. - llarrywatson25

10 15Five

15Five is a complete performance management solution to develop your team throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle, from their first day to their last. - llarrywatson25