Top Ten Things People Need to Stop Doing on the Internet

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1 Bullying Bullying

Bullying is wrong everywhere.

I absolutely hate bullying! Its mean, selfish, rude, makes people feel bad for themselves and it sometimes even ruins people's lives. Why does it even exist? I mean why? Bullying doesn't just happen in real life, it also happens online. Its everywhere! I mean 4chan, devent art, You tube, and pretty much every single social media website, has to have at least one bully online. I am telling you this once and once only. Stop bullying other people online, respect their opinions and move on as you please, but if you can't do that, than I am sorry, but this website isn't for you! I will tell you this again, please STOP bullying and respect opinions and move on!

This is what happened with the Rainbow Dash fans and haters.

Frankly, I find the fuss about cyberbullying to be pathetic. Just block the user and move on to another page. It's as easy as it gets. - Bolshoy_Brat

2 Sending Death Threats Sending Death Threats

You know what really upsets me? Other people sending death threats to other people that's what. I mean on one of my lists, "Top ten things in life we are sick of hearing about", some anonymous visitor sent me the comment "RainbowDashsucks755. You hate minecraft and rainbow dash? Why are you still living? " That's just horrible. I mean sending death threats to other people is not right. I mainly picked the username RainbowDashsucks755 and started to hate on her, not just because I hate her in general, I also hate her because her fans keep sending death threats and bullying twilight kitsune. So why are mostly anonymous visitors and some mean users, are sending death threats, just for having a different opinion? I mean why? Death threats is not just common on this website but others such as Youtube, twitter and other popular social media websites. In fact I consider sending death threats equal to bullying other people just for having different opinions! Just stop sending opinions already ...more

Happened to someone I know. - Misfire

3 Posting Rule 34 Images Online

Lets be honest here, I am getting so sick to death of the rule 34 internet pornography around here on devent art and over websites. Its absolutely not even funny! Its just disgusting as heck and very inappropriate to be honest. Porn is pretty much everywhere on the internet and we are all sick and tired of seeing it online. Here is my advice: Do NOT watch pornography, please! Its extremely disgusting, inappropriate, stupid, pointless and its actually illegal to look at(Being serious. Most porn websites contain viruses and malware that could affect your computer. I wouldn't risk it if I were you). Fictional characters with disgusting pornography examples: Gardevoir, rouge the bat, sans the skeleton, minions, Pretty much every single My little pony character, the loud house(NOTE: Although I don't "hate" the loud house at all, I do admit I absolutely loathe the fandom), cream the rabbit, lopunny, tails, some anime characters and other fictional characters have disgusting rule 34 images ...more

Cartoon porn pictures are unpleasing and nasty!

The most disgusting thing anyone can do, I can tolerate some harassing but showing off your lust (yeah, Rule 34 is porn, porn can be lustful) is a big boundary for me. In fairness I actually saw some nasty NSFW art (yeah, mostly MLP cause that's my favorite show) but I always try to avoid it as much as possible! - Neonco31

I'm not a fan of R34 but if it bugs you so much, I'd recommend either A: Not going to sites with R34 or B: Blocking said sites.

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4 Harassing Other People for Having Different Opinions

I am so sick of people doing this. Not just users are harassing other people for having an opinion, but anonymous visitors as well. Why do butt hurt fans keep doing this? Just because they can? That's just plain rude and being a douchebag! Just because other people have different opinions, does not mean people should bully, harass, troll or just be douches to other people for no reason. Just stop disrespecting opinions okay? End of story.

I agree.

Tell that to Larrythefairy... *Gets suspended*

Looks at Liberals... - Maddox121

5 Starting Internet Wars

You want to know what's really annoying? Arguing over the stupidest things in life, such as fictional characters, a movie, a show, a video game, a video game console, an anime, a music artist, a music genre(such as rock, metal, classical, pop, rap, etc.), a song and other things that you either love or hate and disrespecting opinions that's what! Just stop arguing already! We all have our different opinions, but that's what makes us unique and arguing over it makes you a massive hypocrite! Its also very pointless, I mean what's the point arguing over someone having an unpopular opinion? Nothing. I mean absolutely nothing! So here's my little tip for you, fellow Toptenner or visitor: If someone has a different opinion, just respect it, okay? Its not going to change your own opinions! Just arguing over it, just doesn't help at all. So as you please, stop arguing over an opinion and respect it as you please, and move on!

6 Feeding Trolls

You want to know why I included this item higher than trolling? Because feeding trolls is worse in my opinion. Feeding trolls is absolutely pointless as heck and it actually makes trolls gain more power and they keep on doing it. I mean, if they are trolling, don't respond to them. Just ignore them if they are doing it just to annoy other people. But really, if they have unpopular opinions, they are not afraid to give out, its best not to disrespect their opinions. Just either respect their opinions or just ignore them and move on with your lives already as you please!

Instead of feeding them, troll them back. - RoseWeasley

7 Trolling Trolling

I am a good/funny troll.

I may think feeding them is pointless, but still I cannot stand trolls at all. In fact, I have mixed feelings on them. Yes! If it's a funny troll, who trolls just to be funny, like Barneythedinosaurrocks than I am fine with them (In fact I think BTDR is a really funny troll in my opinion). If its just a user who has unpopular opinions, but isn't afraid to let them out, than I don't care! As long as they respect opinions, I respect their opinions back. But nowadays, real trolling just to annoy people is starting to get really boring, its not even funny anymore and no, I am not going to feed anymore trolls, because guess what? I don't even care about it anymore, because, even if you do feed them, they will keep on doing it and no matter what you do, you will always find a troll online being annoying and unfunny as heck so yeah! Call me whatever! You can troll on my lists all you want, but no matter what you do, I am not feeding you trolls, no matter what! But to all you people who are ...more

8 Overreacting to Criticism Overreacting to Criticism

Okay! I admit I did overreact to criticism on my old account because at first I didn't know what it was, but than I realised that overreacting to it when really, the other user who gives criticism is trying to help improve the other user is a very immature thing to do. I still have mixed feelings about criticism since it means two things: Being a jerk to another user or pointing out some of the flaws the other user has and tries to help the other user improve, but overreacting to criticism and being suicidal isn't going to help at all. Just stay strong, take the criticism and use it to help you improve as a user.

9 Bandwagoning

Here is something I used to do on my old account, trying to be like everyone else and that is bandwagoning. Nowadays I have learnt that bandwagoning just for other people having a popular opinion, isn't really a good thing at all. I honestly, don't hate people who bandwagon at all, but all I am saying is that hating on stuff for no reason whatsoever, just because another person loves or hates something, doesn't mean you can pretend to have the same opinion. Besides to be honest with you, I actually have a ton of unpopular opinions, but that's what makes me and other users unique! Bandwagoning just to be more popular isn't really going to help at all. Its just unoriginal and very common on this website nowadays. So if you have an unpopular opinion, no need to bandwagon and just continue being you! Because if we all have the same opinions, than we would all be rather boring and unrelatable! So no need to bandwagon, just be you and have your own opinions! <3

Yeah its usually if something is popular and if they hate it then bandwagon it. Till there's like over 1000 haters.

Sad part I did this a few times ago, hopefully I won't do it again, oh right Infinite Warfare for example. I haven't played it yet but after watching some of it's videos, I felt like I want to play it but sadly I have no Xbox or better laptop to begin with. - Neonco31

10 Hating for No Good Reason

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