Top Ten Questions to Ask TopTenners About Adult Cartoons

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1 What is your favourite adult cartoon?

I like a lot of adult cartoons but my personal favourite is south park. Great morals, loveable characters, hilarious gross out humour done right and unpopular opinion: cute animation in my opinion. I also like Rick and Morty, simpsons and futurama.

South Park - egnomac

I haven’t watched enough adult cartoons yet, I might watch some more. But if I were to pick, it would be The Boondocks, I have only seen one episode and I don’t know if I might continue the series, but man, it’s a good show. It speaks up about real issues and racism, and has a good blend of comedy in it. The characters are interesting and the art is nice too.

South Park, the writing throughout its 20+ season span has been the best of the remaining iconic adult shows left. Family Guy, and Simpsons have gotten worse while this one stands tall above the rest. - htoutlaws2012

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2 What has to be the most unfunniest adult cartoon you ever watched in your opinion?

Family guy is the most unfunniest in my opinion. I did not crack a single smile throughout every single episode of it. I thought the old one was decent as first, but I HATE the new one(Respect your opinion if you like it though).

Wonder Showzen, another huh choice by me, and I remember seeing a trailer of this going this doesn't look funny at all, but went on two have few seasons only to be canned fair enough to me. - htoutlaws2012

Allen Gregory - iliekpiez

3 What is your most hated adult cartoon?

Allen Gregory, for having disgusting animation and an extremely unlikable main character, Ren and stimpy adult party cartoon for ruining a classic and turning it into disturbing and violent garbage, mr pickles for giving me nightmares about dogs killing people and family guy, for ripping off the simpsons and having unlikable characters. Drawn together is a honerable mention too.

Allen Gregory, Mr. Pickles, Modern Family Guy and Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. - egnomac

Oh man I have a lot that fit into this category... if I had to say my least tasteless cartoons I had the unfortunate to watch was by far Allen Gregory. - htoutlaws2012

Family Guy and the Cleveland Show.

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4 What is the most funniest adult cartoon in your opinion?

South park and beavis and butthead are the funniest in my opinion

A bit biased of my childhood, but Beavis and Butthead. Sure it follows two teenagers that are dumb if you watch the show than you would be like me and how impressive the writing truly was even for MTV this was there gold standard cartoon. - htoutlaws2012

The Simpsons, but South Park is a close second.

South Park - iliekpiez

5 What adult cartoon do you think has gone on for too long?

The simpsons, family guy and south park are the most long running adult cartoons in my opinion.

Family Guy is up there, but of course The Simpsons has run its course WAY too long. - htoutlaws2012

The Simpsons (It's good but when will it end? )

The Simpsons - iliekpiez

6 Whats your opinion on adult cartoons?

Whilst some can be disgusting, disturbing and have unfunny humour, others are funny, clever and unique in my opinion

Umm... There are a range from great to really atrocious adult shows that com with personal preference. - htoutlaws2012

Exactly the same as of kid cartoons, sometimes they're great, other times, they're awful. - kempokid

When done well, great.
When done bad, terrible. - iliekpiez

7 What adult cartoon is the most inappropriate in your opinion?

Possibly South park, robot chicken, mr pickles, drawn together, the boondocks, Ren and stimpy adult party cartoon and family guy are the most inappropriate in my opinion. But I admit the simpsons and futurama are okay for kids though.

Modern Family Guy. - egnomac

If were going by the most offensive it's a tie between South Park, and Family Guy. - htoutlaws2012

Family Guy hands down.

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8 Your favourite adult cartoon characters?

Mine are Bart simpson, Kenny mccormick, butters stotch, rick(Rick and morty), Beavis, homer simpson and Bender.

Randy Marsh, Beavis, Rick, Homer, Bender, Brian (why do people dislike him) basically I have many favorites. - htoutlaws2012

Bart Simpson, Eric Cartman, Stewie Griffin, Bender, Homer Simpson, Kyle Broflovski and Brian Griffin.

Eric Cartman, Bender, Fry, Leela, Mr Burns, Master Shake, Kenny, Roger, etc. - iliekpiez

9 What has to be the most disturbing adult cartoon you ever watched?

Ren and stimpy adult party cartoon, drawn together and Mr. Pickles are the most disturbing in my opinion. Robot Chicken is disturbing as well.

The easy choice is adult Party, but I have seen some shows that are just downright wrong, and Adult Swim is the channel to see a lot of those types of shows, but the one that sticks to me is King Star King. Its like Flapjack, but just not right at all. - htoutlaws2012

Family Guy...

Xavier: Renegade Angel, the surreal nature of it is absolutely horrific in many cases, but I love the show for it at the same time. - kempokid

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10 Your most hated adult cartoon characters?

Possibly Ren Hoek(Ren and stimpy adult party cartoon), Mr pickles, Sheila Brovloski, Peter griffen, brian griffen and allen Gregory are my most hated adult cartoon characters in my opinion.

Allen Gregory, yes the main character of his own show is not very well received in fat the reason why many tuned out to his own show in the first 5 minutes. - htoutlaws2012

Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and most of the town of Springfield.

Allen Gregory - iliekpiez