Best Zodiac Items in the Binding of Isaac

In the Binding of Isaac, a lot of the zodiac items tend to be rather bad, or mediocre. So I thought I should make a list ranking them. I won't be adding Zodiac since it technically counts as all of them, and is far too unpredictable, and if I did, it would easily be last on the list.
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The Top Ten

1 Capricorn

Topping my list is Capricorn. Everyone loves items that boost all your stats. Unlike some of the other items in the category, Capricorn doesn't have a major boost in damage, which is what most people want. But what makes Capricorn good is how unlike a lot of other all-stat boosting items, it decreases tear delay, meaning you fire tears faster, and due to the way it works, it can effectively break the maximum firing speed. Plus it gives away a coin, bomb and key as a little bonus. Nothing absolutely overpowered, just a good, general use item that should always be taken. - Lanturnizer6

2 Libra

Libra is usually an item that clearly divides the crowd. It's like pineapple on pizza, some love it, others hate it. Libra works in an unique way. It completely balances out all your stats. Some people don't seem to like it because it can take away your damage stat, which lots of people really like. Libra however can turn that almost useless magic 8 ball you got after a long fight with The Bloat into at least a minor damage up. And it always helps to have balanced stats, since I absolutely hate when I fire super slowly, but all my other stats are unusually high. Libra is most effective when taken early on, since it allows you to plan in the future for what items you should and shouldn't take. I also find that Libra works really well with Apollyon, since it removes the frustration of getting constant range ups from void. It also works well with other items such as Mutant Spider, Ipecac, Epiphora, and D8. But what's most amazing about Libra is how it works with soy milk. Because soy ...more - Lanturnizer6

3 Sagittarius

In TBOI, I absolutely love piercing shots. It makes lost contact actually useful, it can destroy those annoying swarms of enemies, it shreds segmented enemies and bosses like Larry Lr and drastically reduces the amount of time you will spend in a room. Sagittarius does all of this, and even provides a minor speed boost! Like Capricorn, don't bother ever rerolling this, unless you already have piercing tears, this will be a huge help. - Lanturnizer6

4 Virgo

Virgo is pretty nice. It has a chance to create a shield when taking damage, and stops you from getting bad pills. What I find the biggest problem is that pills are only changed if they are actually considered bad, not neutral. This means that you can still find pills like R U A Wizard? and telepills, and it doesn't actually identity them like PHD does. And it doesn't always create a shield, I find that it happens too rarely. But it still has its uses, and has no real negative side effects. - Lanturnizer6

5 Scorpio

Scorpio is amazing early on. Being able to consistently poison enemies really means something. But poison doesn't do much damage, and when you successfully poison an enemy, the poison will wear off quickly, and they will be immune to poison temporarily, so Scorpio isn't useful later on - Lanturnizer6

6 Pisces

Pisces can be a pretty nice item. Like Capricorn, it directly affects tear delay, meaning you can break the firing speed limit with Pisces. Unfortunately, it isn't by too much, and it also increases the knockback that your shots do, so it can get annoying quickly unless you get penetrating shots - Lanturnizer6

7 Cancer

Cancer, Yay! Actually no, not yay. This isn't the trinket we're talking about, this is the Zodiac item. This is where we start to see items having major flaws, or just not being useful in any way. Cancer acts as a semi wafer, that only activates for a single room after taking damage. This is very helpful in long boss fights, but when traveling from room to room, it will very rarely be useful. It will save you very little hearts, and I don't really find it too useful. And if playing as The Lost or The Keeper, it does absolutely nothing. And if you have the wafer, it will do nothing, except give you soul hearts when you pick it up. Not very useful, but can come in handy when fighting delirium or hush. - Lanturnizer6

8 Taurus

Taurus is another tricky item. It lowers your speed, but it raises over time when in a room with enemies. After reaching a certain speed, you get temporary invincibility similar to the effect of My Little Unicorn. This can be good, as early on it can go a good chunk of damage. But it can get very annoying, since it often happens without warning, and it can make dodging difficult because you are often unaware of your own speed. And after the invincibility wears off, your speed goes straight back down. While it has potential, it really isn't something that is going to do too much, especially later on. - Lanturnizer6

9 Gemini Gemini

Gemini, gives you a small twin that is attached to you. Gemini can actually do a fair bit of damage, but later on, the damage it does is absolutely minuscule, and having to actually get up close to enemies to actually do damage isn't worth the risk. Don't bother with this unless you're desperate. - Lanturnizer6

10 Leo

Now we're getting into the really bad stuff. Leo just makes it so you can walk over rocks and crush them. This is only really good for one thing: looking for crawl spaces. Crawl spaces are handy since you could find something really good in there. But even with Leo they are still rare, and if playing as a character with flight, it removes your ability to rock camp, meaning your run could be short lived if you are bad at dodging. It can also be good with lucky rock, but everything that Leo does can also be done with Ipecac, Dr Fetus and Epic Fetus. Plus you always have bombs, and what Leo actually does just isn't that useful... - Lanturnizer6

The Contenders

11 Aries
12 Aquarius