Top Ten Signs You're Involved in TheTopTens' Community

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1 You Like to message Other Users more than respond to users that messaged you first

Well then to be message than to play a rare role of the messenger. - htoutlaws2012

Nah, I just love messaging users in general - NightmareCinema

I don’t message other users much unless they message me first, sorry if I sound like a mean cyber bully.

Nah, I DM users a lot more often then I get DMed…and I’m rarely active. - AlphaQ

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2 You have the "Paste this if You're in TTT's Big Family" On Your Profile

Only did it once... never did it again. - htoutlaws2012

I don’t paste anything on my profile. - NightmareCinema

I used to, but then I stopped pasting stuff.

I never pasted that on my profile. - TheFourthWorld

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3 You make a lot of User ranking lists

I make a lotta User ranking remixes, but close enough. - htoutlaws2012

Not me - NightmareCinema

I prefer to make miscellaneous lists and music lists, but I still make user ranking lists sometimes!

I have no user ranking lists! - saturatedsunrise

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4 You have been involved in one or more Controversies

I got suspended… - AlphaQ

Sadly, I have.

The cause of my second suspension was inaccurate by the oral kind of htoutlaws2012

I didn't seek to harm Twilightkitsune but get my mission completed of making the shame perish but she called me pathetic and I got hypersensitive and she made matters worse of being blindly defensive that I'm lying which I'm telling the truth and I used Catacorn to tell Twilightkitsune the truth and she didn't so she is the perpetrator behind my suspension and should be pointed in shame- Kevinsidis

Controversies on this site are so childish to me.

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5 You have more than 5 post comments

You have more than... 100 remixes, 50 lists, 1000 comments, & 1 High quality posts the basic standard I look at. - htoutlaws2012

I’ve got a few - NightmareCinema


Yeah... - TheFourthWorld

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6 You make a post series of a TTT Fanfic

You know, like Heroes vs Villians, and stuff like that - SpectralOwl

Or a parody of a famous pop culture. - htoutlaws2012

Does Top 10 Waterpark count? Lol.


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7 You have a list of favorite users on your profile page

Literally almost 80% of the users I take a peak at have this on their profile. - htoutlaws2012

I have a random description.

I don't have one because I don't want to offend anyone who isn't on there that is a big fan of me - darthvadern

I don't even have a bio.

8 You have no lists, but over 25 followers

Or a list to follower ratio of 1:25 - SpectralOwl

A very inconsistent, or nonexistent ratio to really say specifically. Where with say 3,000 lists, but over 700 followers the ratio is likely to be a match made with big proportions. - htoutlaws2012

I’ve got 25 lists and 113 undeserved followers. - NightmareCinema

I have 106 lists and 207 followers.

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9 You followed Htoutlaws, PositronWildhawk, and Britgirl

Only Britgirl deserves to be followed. Great User. - Vip3r

Only one of them.

All these signs apply to moi - TwilightKitsune

I am! Yay!

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10 You know about NafrovivuS's death

He died on January 25, but I didn't learn about his death until February 26, so I probably wasn't very involved back then. - allamassal

Any user death, really. Why did you specifically have to point out naFro's death?

Why the hell did you need to bring this up? It wasn’t necessary at all, plus anyone who goes on the site is bound to know about that at this point. - NightmareCinema

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1. You have the "Paste this if You're in TTT's Big Family" On Your Profile
2. You Like to message Other Users more than respond to users that messaged you first
3. You make a lot of User ranking lists