Top Ten Reasons to Love Misty, May and Dawn from Pokémon

I respect your opinion if you disagree with this list, but this is my opinion and as you can tell by my username, I am a huge fan of Misty, May and Dawn from Pokémon and here are some of the reasons why I love these Pokegirls with a passion, in my opinion.
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The Top Ten

1 They care about their friends and Pokémon
2 They are good at battling
3 They are supportive
4 They go through character development throughout the series
5 They are unique and have their own personalities
6 They never give up
7 They Are Brave

Especially Misty who risked her own life by diving into freezing water to save Ash from drowning. - egnomac

8 They are nice

Unless you get on their bad side, - egnomac

9 They are pretty and beautiful
10 They Are Smart

Maybe not misty