Top Ten Fortnite Skins

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The Top Ten

1 rex rex

Have to say that Rex is rare but not popular

How is this number 1 love ranger should be number 1

This this ddod

Yes he is a STEGO he he plus tummies-thefastesttjing

2 Raptor Raptor

Lol I love this skin but I personally love a youtuber with a channel called raptors channel, he named himself raptor_himself, nio kidding search now! 11

This skin is the best which is also my try hard skin!

3 Love Ranger Love Ranger
4 Wukong Wukong

Pretty good

Amazing skin

This list is pure garbage. skull trooper should be higher, half the skins on here are nothing special and why on EARTH is omega so high?

5 omega omega

It’s a really cool skin and looks cool with black knights shield

6 cutle team leader cutle team leader

Flamethrower this satanic BS

I wish I had this skin

Its very cute and looks very legendary

Very floofy

7 Skull Trooper Skull Trooper

scary mary

The skull trooper is the second best skin of all time with john wick being first. The fact that john wick is not even on this list is an absolute disgrace. - Ctrop14

BOI! if ghoul trooper were here I'm sure you woud have done the same

8 Brite Bomber Brite Bomber

How is this eighth it's the best skin in any game ever

9 flytrap flytrap

Will be very rare, plus I own the skin

10 Abstract Abstract

Abstract is a hella dope skin.