Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cat Apprentice Deaths

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1 Swiftpaw Swiftpaw

One reason why I hate Bluestar.

He sacrificed himself to the dogs, saving his friend brightpaw - vulpux

He captured my heart I actually had to mate him I don't think he deserved what he got

He only died cause Erin Hunter couldn't think of a warrior name 4 him! Swiftfoot my mate... Swiftfoot warrior name...ya - sydneyhelget

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2 Badgerpaw

This was way sadder than swiftpaw considering he was a 3 week old kitten

*shreds tear* - Murphypaw

He was apprenticed way too early...he thought he could fight...all he wanted was to impress his mentor...

Sad... I hate brokenkit. - Silentwhisker

3 Gorsepaw Gorsepaw

Tigerstar killed him because he knew that Firestar had a special bond with Gorsepaw - Murphypaw

Tigerstar killed him himself! How dare he firestar and Greystripe went through all that trouble to get him home for nothing!


4 Seedpaw

love her

She died trying to say JAYFEATHER'S stupid stick. She saved Lilypaw... - sydneyhelget

She died trying to save a stick of DEAD CATS NU WHYYY SEEEDDD PAW WHYYY DOES YOU HAVVVE TTTO DIEE - Murphypaw

5 Talonpaw

i love him

6 Beechpaw
7 Primrosepaw

So young... - sydneyhelget

8 Smokepaw
9 Cypresspaw

Who? - Murphypaw

One of the kits that was in the litter that Firestar and Graystripe brought back two kits from the river in season one. - Swiftdawn

10 Molepaw