Top 10 Things You Will Need This Summer

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The Top Ten

1 This Dress

Girls, I know that you wanna look stylish and comfy in any single situation. That's why I put this dress straight at number one. Perfect for your sunset party on the beach! - Paulmatthews

Good first choice. Although I wouldn't choose THIS dress. I personally prefer and love to wear light, floral-design, vintage-style summer dresses. - Britgirl

2 This Beach Bag

Not only this beach bag is incredibly stylish, but also practical, given the fact that it has zip pockets. - Paulmatthews

3 Spotify Spotify

Because there is no summer without a proper soundtrack, am I right? - Paulmatthews

Yay! If only Spotify had unreleased songs...

I’ve had Spotify for two years now. - NightmareCinema

4 Rayban Sunglasses

A never-ending trend, these Raybans! You can't really go wrong with them, especially because they are perfect for him and her! - Paulmatthews

What about my blue metallic sunglasses?

5 These Shorts

For the boys. Simple design, great results - Paulmatthews

6 A Beach Tennis Set

Because why not? Beach Tennis is one of the best activities on the beach - Paulmatthews

7 Watermelon Tap

Fancy some FRESH watermelon juice in your cocktail? This is 100% for you - Paulmatthews

8 This Portable Grill

Because barbecue is life. - Paulmatthews

9 Buddy Bounce Giant Play Ball

Ever tried this with your friends? If not, well... you're missing out - Paulmatthews

10 A Pool Float

So you can relax - Paulmatthews