Top 10 Problems with the LGBT Community

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1 They are protesting something that they already have: legal same-sex marriage

As a gay I will comment on every single item and my opinion.

So, let's start with this one.

The LGBT community does not specifically refer to the homosexuals of the US. In Austria for example, same sex marriage was ruled in late 2017, but it won't be officially available until 2019. Other countries still have to do the step of ruling for same sex marriage - and it will take quite a lot of years until they are ready for this step in some of them. - Martin_Canine

Autocorrect:That's why I hate politics so much religion and nonsense! - Kevinsidis

That's why I agree politics so much religion! - Kevinsidis

2 They are a horrible influence on Children

Nah.Homophobia is a worse influence if you ask me but ok. - DarkBoi-X

No, we aren't. If you preach your child what social group is normal and what isn't, and who to love and who not to love is good, and most importantly what to identify with, then you are a horrible influence and your child should be taken away from you. - Martin_Canine

We are not bad influence so teach homophobia to your child and you can love anyone you want. - Daffie

Don't see how they're a bad influence... considering how they can make kids accept that straight love is not the only kind of love.

3 They are an embarrassment for normal homosexuals

LGBT includes them so... - DarkBoi-X

How is a normal homosexual different from LGBT when LGBT includes them?

Strange lists these conservatives today make. - Skullkid755

The LGBT community is a collective term for bisexual, transsexual and homosexual people. All of us are equal, none of the three groups views itself as more normal than the other. That would be against the point of the community. And no, transsexuals and bisexuals are not an embarassment to our group. If anyone is an embarassment, it's only individuals with a bad character. - Martin_Canine

4 They just want extra attention

Even though they already get a lot - Randomator


There is a great song by Blumio called "Die Welt ist schwul", unfortunately it's in German, but it actually makes it understandable how it feels for homosexuals. In the song, Blumio portrays a homophobic who suddenly wakes up to find that overnight, homosexuals and heterosexuals have switched roles. Now, Blumio gets starred at while holding hands and kissing his girlfriend, hears jokes on T.V. or by strangers about his love, can't stay engaged with her because their marriage isn't allowed, hears that in other countries the situation is even worse and could be punished by death - and in the end, he starts becoming very proud of his sexuality and wears it as a weapon, because he wants to fight to be treated like everybody else, despite loving a woman.

It turns out that it was just a dream, but this experience changed his view. - Martin_Canine

5 They parade in disgusting lingerie

And Playboy models don't?

You know why we do that?

Because many women do that on T.V., in commercials, on posters, etc. and are looked at by men in awe and with lust. Every gender should be allowed to act, behave and yes, also dress the same way. As long as there are still people who look at such outfits differently when men or women wear them, there will be more. - Martin_Canine

6 They convict people who eat Chick-Fil-A

And they make me want to eat Chick Fil A even more! - Randomator

Apart from the fact that I never heard of that brand... this is one of the weirdest associations I ever heard. - Martin_Canine

7 They demonize Christianity

This is different than the other itemd to me, because yes, a lot of LGBT people do that, and I don't like it.

I get why: in some regions, religion is taken to extremes and with very literal beliefs of the books - they hate gays and view their sexuality as sin. But in other regions, there are many people who believe in the essential messages of the books and adapt for modern society. I have had religious friends, Christian and Muslim, and they never treated me any differently than their other non-gay friends. These people shouldn't be demonized for other people's views. - Martin_Canine

This is actually a problem, LGBT supporters think that those who r straight Christians r terrible people when it isn't true, I'm both a full Catholic and an LGBT but not an extremist on either side because I think that's stupid - Nonpointed


It’s because of people like this that I cannot support the LGBT community. - Randomator

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8 They complain about how oppressed they are when they're not

Let's make an experiment. Show people footage of heterosexual couples wearing more traditional clothes holding hands, and then show them gay crossdresser couples holding hands. Look at the subject's expressions. Only when they are exactly the same, we're done. - Martin_Canine

If they r trying 2 seek attention consistently, it's not oppression, just being annoying. otherwise if they r actually oppressed then it's a problem - Nonpointed

9 They are unaware of what happens to homosexuals in the Middle East

I want a completely equal social and legal treatment of people of every sexuality and gender. And I mean completely, in every aspect, and around the globe. I will sign petitions to achieve that. I will write about it. No matter which country we are talking about. But I'm not suicidal. I will not go to a country that can legally kill people for their love life and protest against it. We are aware of what happens there, but what can we do other than being martyrs? That's of no use for anybody other than there being less of us. - Martin_Canine

10 They force you to be nice to them

No, we don't. If you don't like an individual person of us, that's your problem. And if you do like an individual, that's awesome too. But their sexuality or gender identity should have nothing to do with that, only their character traits, views and actions. That's what we're about. - Martin_Canine

No they don't... you're given the choice to be nice to them or not.