Top Ten Things About American History that are False that We Think is True

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The Top Ten

1 That the Statue of Liberty was the only statue that was planned on being built in New York

A native American statue was going to be also built - westofohio

2 That there were only 4 historical figures to be put on Mt. Rushmore

Susan B. Anthony was supposed to be added but they ran out of funds - westofohio

3 That the Liberty bell cracked on July 4, 1776
4 Witches were burned at the stake in Salem, MA in 1692

Actually they were hung - westofohio

5 Betsy Ross created the first American flag
6 That we always put are hand over our heart during the Pledge of Allegiance

Before WWII be saluted like the Nazi's with arm in the air - westofohio

7 That independence was on July 4

Actually it was on July 2 - westofohio

8 Soldiers honored the American flag in battle

Not until well after the War of 1812 was the American flag recognized - westofohio

9 That Al Capone started his enterprise because of prohibition

He was already a powerful mobster before prohibition - westofohio

10 That General Patton had a stern voice