Top Ten Best Mens Figure Skaters of All Time

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The Top Ten

1 Yuzuru Hanyu
2 Javier Fernandez

Amazing what he did coming from a little country. And he was totally robbed of both bronze in 2014 and silver in 2018 at the Olympics.

Amazing skater, amazing man. - feisty37

So undermarked his whole career and yet still won so many medals. Amazing what he did from non skating country Spain too. Love him so much. - quackerpacker

3 Kurt Browning Kurt Browning
4 Robin Cousins

Had it not been for figures he would own the sport!

5 Dick Button
6 Patrick Chan

Nobody has the quality of edge and bladework of Patricia Chang!

7 John Curry

Nobody, not even Hanyu, skates with quite the beauty, style, line, and artistry of Curry. A true poet on the ice, would have won way more titles if homophobic judges who felt mens skating should be a macho sport didn't lowball him and Cranston in scores for so long for not being more masculine.

8 Nathan Chen Nathan Chen

He is the best jumper in history already! - feisty37

9 Brian Boitano
10 Brian Orser