Martin Canine's Most Listened to Songs of This Week (June 11th to 17th, 2018) According to His Smartphone

Hello everyone!

It's Monday June 18th, so it's time for the recap of what I listened to in the last 7 days.

It's apparent that I am pretty happy with this year's music, and also was with last year's, as 7 out of the 10 tracks were either from 2017 or 2018. Last year, German hip hop was at a creative peak, with dozens of brilliant albums. This year, it's about every genre except for German hip hop. Ironic, isn't it? In combination, I am very pleased with the music of the last one and a half years, looking forward for what's still to come.

Oh, and finally, my Beyoncé post that should get me a Pulitzer Prize is online. The technical issues have been resolved and TTT posted it for me. The two Beyoncé songs on the list are a direct result of me writing this post.
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The Top Ten

1 Sturmmaske auf (Intro) - Kollegah & Farid Bang UListen to Sample
2 ***Flawless (Remix) - Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj UListen to Sample
3 Numb - XXXTentacion

Thanks to Not_A_Weeaboo for having suggested XXXTentacion's "? " album for me to review. I don't know if I'd even have took notice of it if it wouldn't have been for you.

UListen to Sample
4 Fall in Line - Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato

Aguilera dropped one hell of an album last Friday. She still has all the power she had 12 years ago.

UListen to Sample
5 Fake Love - BTS UListen to Sample
6 La Familia - SpongeBozz UListen to Sample
7 Drunk in Love - Beyoncé & Jay-Z UListen to Sample
8 Rotlichtmassaker - Kollegah & Sun Diego

Sun Diego is SpongeBozz before he got famous.

UListen to Sample
9 Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy UListen to Sample
10 The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra - Anna von Hausswolff UListen to Sample