Donkey Kong Country Cartoon Review

No matter what anybody the Donkey Kong Country will always hold a special place in my heart, I loved it as a child and nowadays it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

The show follows Donkey Kong, future ruler of Kongo Bongo island, this is because he discovered the crystal coconut (the macguffin of the entire show) which has the ability to do essentially anything. Unfortunately, King K.Rool and his army of kremlings are here from the games to claim the coconut and rule the island themselves. DK and his buddy Diddy always beat them in the end though.Most episodes revolve around K.Rool attempting to steal the coconut, with the help of his 2 dimwitted minions Krusha & Klump, the former on the verge of retardation and the latter just being dumb.The plot itself is okay and the various ways K.Rool attempts to steal the coconut varies every time which makes the fact that it happens over and over less grating. I'll give it a solid 6/10 for holding my interest throughout the series - and yes, I did watch it all. It does get old sometimes but it's always fun to see how DK and Diddy will get the coconut back this time.

Let's start with Donkey Kong, he is the future ruler, he is probably the strongest lad there, and he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.Typical intimidating hero with a big heart trope, he is perfectly likeable though and he acts like I think DK would act.
Diddy Kong is his sidekick and probably has the most grating voice ever to face television - but about the character himself, Diddy is much more mischeivous than DK and isn't exactly that smart either. He is also surprisingly weak and cowardly though which makes him kind of unlikeable.I don't like Diddy that much.
Cranky Kong is the grumpy old man character we've come to see for a while, he is one of the few people with a functioning brain on the show and for that he is perfectly likeable - except when he isn't supposed to be. He can be unlikeable any time he is playing a joke on the duo as that causes the main conlflict quite a bit of the time. But Cranky is one of my favourites.
Candy Kong, however, is not likeable whatsoever, she blames DK for essentially everything that happens even when the thing that happens is completely out of DK's control. Her romantic moments with DK don't really feel genuine. Also, she looks a lot less seductive and sexy like she was in the games, she looks like a punk in the show.
Funky Kong is the token idiot one, except more idiotic than DK and Diddy. He is your cartoon character who says "dude" way more than he needs to and acts like an absolute bro to everybody. Funky is okay, he has his moments, especially in the episodes where he has a starring role, I find him tolerable.
Bluster Kong is the best character in the show - no scrap that, the best character in TV history, he is the boss of Bluster's barrelworks and is extremely greedy and money hungry, not to mention obsessed with Candy, although Candy prefers DK to Bluster by over a mile.Bluster the Benevolent for smash!
Dixie Kong is one who I can't really judge due to the fact she barely ever appears in a starring role.She is on the same level as Funky, she has her moments, and she's fine.

Now for the villain side of things, King K.Rool is the main antagonist and is constantly trying to steal the coconut, his VA is very good and really captures the theatrical side of the King. He is greedy, power hungry and quite stupid. So he does fail quite a lot in the series.His minions Klump and Krusha share similar traits but are a lot more stupid.

These characters are your typical stereotypes for a kids show, and honestly, it's fine. These characters are endearing to watch in my opinion and the interactions they have with eachother can be extremely entertaining. But while they are entertaining, one thing annoys me to no end - almost everybody is an idiot, DK, Diddy, Funky, Bluster, Candy, K.Rool and his minions are examples of this and that is just too many stupid characters for one show, and the conflict in every episode could be resolved oh so easily.

Another flaw I have with it is the fact that there is little to no character development, not at any point in the show has somebody mentioned something that they learned from a previous episode, and there are basically no callbacks to previous episodes at any point in the show, except maybe the Skurvy episodes.
Again, the characters I'll give a 6/10 for being massively entertaining but also immensely idiotic and the lack of character development puts the rating down a notch.

It's aged, that's what I have to say about the animation. The textures and models are rather outdated...but, I'll give it some credit because at the time of the show 3D animation was very rare on TV and the show looks impressive for its time (1996), the motion capture used for the movements were also impressive, but sometimes the characters just flap their mouths randomly when talking or singing and it's very distracting. Season 2 of the show dropped the motion capture in favour of a quicker animation which actually synced with the voices but it was a huge drop in quality from the first season. The character design in both seasons is fine - they look like their original counterparts except Funky & Candy, who look atrocious. Finally, the show being 3D was a good call since the DKC games were 3D so it was only natural to make the show the same, and for that reason I give it an 8/10, impressive for it's time.

Bad Hair Day (Season 1 Episode 1)
This episode is the first episode in the series so it holds the important job of stuffing every main character in.The episode starts off with Cranky jamming out on his piano - wait, I didn't mention this show was a musical, did I? He sings about himself which Is an okay character introduction but then afterwards he throws abunch of lore into our faces and are introduced to the crystal coconut, and DK & K.Rool are mentioned. Turns out K.Rool is preparing for an attack right now, taking Cranky hostage and stealing the coconut.DK & his pal Diddy are called upon to stop him, and they do. Some more character introductions happen but it's when K.Rool finds this book where the title starts coming in. He discovers that by cutting DK's hair, it removes his monkey strength, rendering him completely powerless. K.Rool somehow makes a perfect clone of Candy who sings on her first appearance, the song is okay and doesn't drag on too long. Once DK is tricked by Candy to cut his hair K.Rool gets the coconut but DK is taken to a place full of banana trees which are said to heal him, Bluster accidently makes a special banana tree grow out of the ground, and DK's hair grows back once he gets one banana from there.DK stops K.Rool in fashion and ends the episode. I like this, it's a good introduction to the show and it's very entertaining since it's so unintentionally hilarious at times, like when the camera cuts way before DK's supposed death.7/10.

Kong For a Day (Season 1 Episode 5)
This is the typical "Everybody Is against the hero" plot and I enjoy it, frankly it is my favourite episode of the show. The major issue with this show is pacing, everything happens too quickly or slowly and there is a lot of filler but Kong For Day makes every scene the perfect length and it's necessary to the plot. Once DK is thrown out into the mountains he sings a legitimately good song "Nobody's Hero" which is about him being rejected as he was framed by King K.Rool for ruining everybody's day.Diddy also has a very good subplot about him not having a future, and this comes into play later when DK leaves and he becomes the next ruler - but finds it too but responsiblity and he is quite cowardly in the situations he is put in.DK eventually makes his way back, defeats K.Rool and Diddy learns that maybe it's okay being the sidekick. It is a very good episode, maybe with actual development since Diddy never asks for power again. 9/10, it's a masterpiece.

The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights (Season 2 Episode 2)
Season 2 is a very weak season but this is a highlight.Klump, who is revealed to have no sort of family (except a poem which was given to him by a family member which he can't remember the last line of) comes to DK for help, but meanwhile Kaptain Skurvy, a recurring villain in the series comes to steal the coconut despite the festival of lights requiring apes and lizards having a truce.Once DK confronts Skurvy he realises it's a trap, Skurvy talks about the treasure...but then mentions a treasure that even he couldn't steal, his long lost brother. You can see where this is going. Klump comes to DK's aid but Skurvy starts talking down the Klump. DK gets the idea to sing the poem, and they are suddenly happy again, the end. This episode is actually a tad heartwarming, since you see these two villains show off their softer side. I give it a 7/10, it's just a generally good episode.
Overall episode rating: 8/10


DKC is by no means a perfect show, but the animation is good for it's time, the stories are tolerable, the characters are fun to watch and it's just a good time overall. It's a great thing to make fun of with friends because of how ridiculous it gets sometimes and it has always been my biggest guilty pleasure.I hereby give DKC an overall score of 7/10, but in my opinion it's a perfect 10/10 masterpiece of animation. I love it.


The first episode is actually called "I Spy With My Hairy Eye" or something like that - darthvadern

Actually, it isn't. The DVD's got the episode order mixed up. If you watch the beginning of Bad Hair Day you can easily tell it's meant to be the first episode. - DapperPickle

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