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How does a man take an important decision?
He covers his head with his hands, closes his eyes, thinks profoundly, he listens to his conscience and then says with determination:
“Wife, how do you think we should do? ”

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Ad: I wanted your wife. I’m waiting for very serious offers.
Thousands of identical answers: I can offer my wife. Are you interested?

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Two friends:
�" My lover finally told me about marriage after three years of relationship.
�" And what did he say to you?
�" She has a husband and three children.

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You know, I have a problem. For years, I've been trying to figure out if I'm allergic to sex or not. Do you want to help me?

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Do you see the guy there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute. So, what do you say?

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Wow, nice feet! What time does it open?

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Rejection can have emotional repercussions for both parties involved, and emotional stress can lead to physical complications like ulcer, cancer or even death! So, for both health, say yes!

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If I were to be the last man on earth we could do it in public! But I'm not, so we better go to me.

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Okay, I came to invite you to dance, but I'm a little worried. Probably we'll get along well, we'll have some glasses, you give me your number because I'm too shy to ask. I'll call you after a few days, go to a movie, then go to dinner and we'll spend a lot of time together. We marry, it all works well until we start feeling embedded and looking for a way to escape. Because of the adventures we get divorced. The child we already have will suffer. Think about the baby! Do not I better invite you to dance and do we have to cover sex without obligations?

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The guy catches him down deep into her uncle's neck. The guy apologizes: "I did not look in the eye for fear of not cheating on me."