Inspecting Long Lists #15 NFL Network's ''Top 100 Players of 2018'' list

htoutlaws2012 Unlike the last one where panel of critics scores were all over the place this time we travel to liar of NFL, and look at a list that was voted by the players. These yearly lists are always debatable in terms who are the best player of there own perspective so sit back, and relax. How much praise, and disowning will be in play let's dive in right now... Viewer discretion is advised!

#100 Ha Ha Clinton Dix - I have no problem with him starting off the list, his definitely a good safety for the Packers, and he was on such a terrible secondary last year he couldn't do a whole lot last season, but could bounce back with two rookie corners they drafted in the first two rounds.

#99 Doug Baldwin - That's too low for Baldwin, yes it wasn't his best year, but he was a great asset to Russell Wilson the last few years always a reliable 16 game receiver to go to that knows this offense for awhile now, and has evolved as a top 10 Wide Receiver in the game.

#98 C.J Mosley - Yes his a big key to the defense, but stat wise I wouldn't have him on the list. He is a god player and all, but I need to see the rest to really determine if his good being near the end or be included.

#97 Carlos Hyde - Should not be on the list, Hyde has so much fumbling issues its not even funny, and he was suppose to replace Frank Gore, and it failed miserably now his a Browns splitting caries with Nick Chubb who I could see getting the starting role over him honestly.

#96 Malcolm Jenkins - Okay wait a minute your telling me one of the biggest player on the Eagles team is only just barely made the list? Jenkins is much better than that honestly yes he protested against the national anthem, but his a great player of his position.

#95 Lane Johnson - Sure Jason Peters was out, but once Lane Johnson was able to comeback with his team the offensive line was the best in football, and also a guy who I'd have as an honorable mention would be Vaitai the guy who stepped up in Peters place that was one solid line that made Carson Wentz, and Nick Foles a million bucks that season.

#94 Kirk Cousins - The first Quarterbacks revealed in the list, and one that could have the chance to prove he is worth every penny they sent just to get him indicating Vikings are in must win now situation. I like Captain Kirk I really wanna pull for him, and seeing that he could do that in a very tough division, and a great defense behind him time to redeem yourselves after getting molly whopped by the Eagles in the Championship.

#93 Mike Daniels - Considering his still an intimidating tackle in the league he should be higher his one of the more leaders on that Green Bay team that creates something on that defense to open things things up for others to get in zoom on coverage sight.

#92 Landon Collins - Big drop for Landon Collins who was top 30 is now just an afterthought this year probably for how awful that defense was taking a step back, and I know he can be much better than that he had a great second year, and suddenly that whole team morale quit said it all. With Saquon Barkley coming to the Big apple that should create some buzz though.

#91 David Bakhtiari - I'll be honest for some reason I wouldn't include him on the list, as bad as that offensive line is in Green Bay I feel there will be other offensive lineman snubs that probably deserve this spot more than Bakhtiari.

#90 Jimmy Garoppolo - I know he only played 5 games, but I'd put Cousins above him just by consistency, and i'm not doubting that Jimmy G is going to excite the city of San Fran, but time will tell at this point.

#89 Jimmy Graham - Now granted his playing ability in Seattle was not that great, but his final season was fairly good that's a sign he can still play for another team, and boy seeing him sign in Green Bay look out Vikings, Bears, and Lions this guy from the U could be a deadly weapon for Aaron Rodgers as his Quarterback he can really do both block, and catch. While his not quite the level of Gronk long ages ago he could thrive better in the green and yellow than he did in Teal and Green.

#88 Yannick Ngakoue - Awe yes underrated player on a literally stacked Jags defense, he quietly wrapped up 10 sacks, and at 23 he could get better and better as time moves on.

#87 Andrew Whitworth - Oh yes this is a good spot for the longtime right tackle for the Bengal, and now a Ram Whitworth is definitely a good signing they had last year that gave great relief for Jared Goff when he had enough time to go for his targets.

#86 Chris Harris Jr. - Since coming into the league he has given Quarterbacks a hard time when going in his area the passer ratings are very low, and unlike how they usually are. For a longtime he was the robin to Batman in Denver now he is the Batman in Denver. Harris Jr. to me should be like top 50 I mean that's impressive to not allow any better going on your side to hardly win that battle.

#85 Bruce Irvin - I fought he was okay in Seattle, and I felt he was okay in Oakland for the most part. While he did stripp the ball alot as a raider I still wouldn't put em on the list.

#84 J.J Watt - When healthy his one of the five best players on the field his unblockable when his got his hands on you your going down period, and a great hero in Houston as well.

#83 Linval Joseph - Yeah his a big piece on that stacked Vikings's Defense, but probably 14 spots high though.

#82 Marshon Lattimore - Awe yes the rookie sensation shut down corner who surprised many, and even me to a certain extent coming outta the draft with a sketchy injury is not always god to see that type of red flag, but we would not of guessed Lattimore would go all hard lockdown playing style.

#81 Michael Thomas - Well seeing that he is a nephew of a pretty decent player in Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Thomas has football blood in him, and seeing his got good yardage, but the touchdowns are very little the debate now is he just a player in a system built for Drew Brees making him look good.

#80 Kevin Byard - He was mostly a backup his first year, but his second how did this unknown player get 8 interceptions, and three of those were against the god-awful Browns. Talk about a guy who sees easy awareness of the ball anticipation. Byard has a lotta years to go, but more his presence known. Now the question is can he get help from two former Patriot players?

#79 Marcus Peters - What is with this spot on every single list that it has to be the low 70's with screwed up placement. Marcus Peters is a top 30 player in today's league. You know what he could be even better with the Rams a scary fought to picture he and Talib and the same team destroying the offensive coverage of yeah good luck getting past him.

#78 Taylor Lewan - Good tackle, but when his hurt the offensive line gets a bit exposed, ans that was seen quite a bit in Mariota's 3rd year where is passer rating was far worse than the previous two years.

#77 Odell Beckham Jr. - His a good player, but his attitude is big concern for the Giants moving forward his almost a lot like Dez Bryant in many ways, but at least I can respect that one hand grab compared to somebody who think there Michael Irvin, but fails at doing both of those things. The go to guy for Eli, but he also now has a Tight End, and wild Card Running Back in the fray.

#76 - Melvin Ingram - He along with Bosa are the main anchors of what looks to be a sleeper defense this year. Just a little more great supporting cast this team will be closer than ever to chase a last hurrah for there leader on the offense.

#75 Kam Chancellor - Kam has had some trouble staying healthy missed half of his games are we reaching the end with him in his career, or is there a new chapter?

#74 Cameron Wake - You want a consistency good player Miami has left its by far Cameron Wake, and the guy was undrafted since than his team has been terrible, but he hasn't stop a beat even if his hurt he keeps hunting for Quarterback sacks I gotta respect that.

#73 Thomas Davis - Thomas Davis is kinda like a mentor to Luke Kuechly teaching the wisdom he has, but a more younger player in a way he does deserves his respect in that regard molding him into the best player on that team aside from Cam Newton.

#72 Delanie Walker - I feel like Walker is an underrated player not many give him the respect he deserves before Mariota had been coming to the team he had to battle with other various QB's and still did a good job racking up what he could his a trooper that won't quit a very enduring tough player on the field.

#71 Zack Martin - He is definitely one of the best guards in the game for sure, and now that his got a big pay raise that's good to see because he earned his a quality player on that line.

#70 Devonta Freeman - He would be on the list, but then again it took this long to find our second running back on this list. Its fair where his at, but I wouldn't have him any higher than this.

#69 Fletcher Cox - Now here's a nightmare tackle to defend against, and his fallen down from the list just doesn't seem justifiable disrespect for a team that was very good well rounded last season come on Philly deserves better than to have three of there players way low than where they should be.

#68 Zach Ertz - While he has yet to get 1,000 yards as a Tight End Ertz has really emerged as a red zone threat for the Philly Offense, and its great to see from Carson Wentz, or even Nick Foles going in his direction making the comfortable moving drives over, and over.

#67 Telvin Smith - I like Telvin Smith, but imagine no inclusion of Ryan Kerrigan though, while Telvin has improved over a 4 year span I'd give the nod to Kerrigan of the Redskins more.

#66 Jurrell Casey - His a guy you forget as a unsung hero for the Titans for a long time. When the offense is in limbo usually its Casey to make something happen on the field.

#65 Stefon Diggs - I feel like he got a push because he had that playoff catch which yes its a great play at the right time, but Diggs is not a better receiver than Michael Thomas, nor Doug Baldwin despite making Case Keenum a more accurate passer last season.

#64 Richard Sherman - Due to his playing ability diminished by a big time injury i'm not sure if this is low enough for Sherman, Chris Harris right now has a lot left than Sherman who could be damaged goods if his not too careful.

#63 Geno Atkins - Good player Carlos Dunlap also deserve to be on the list as well he also was a dual compatible compliment that applied pressure to many quarterbacks as the most dominate combo defensive line attacks in all of football in fact its their main strength, and how they defeated teams like the Lions, and Ravens they were that overwhelming to guard against.

#62 Micah Hyde - A great transcendence from being mediocre in Green Bay to a very good player in the backfield for Buffalo a quietly underrated secondary too might I add.

#61 Ndamukong Suh - Way too high even at the high 60's Suh playing ability has been terrible in Miami, and if he isn't better scheme with the Rams, than yes his done for sure. Started out strong, but eventually many offenses knew what his capable of and can easily double team a guy like that.

#60 Derek Carr - Yeah what happened there he was looking progressively better, than reality came by on the Raiders, and there the same old Raiders we knew that Al Davis was watching upon disappointment. Carr has a chance to bounce back if he doesn't than were really gonna find a problem with that offense in the future.

#59 Casey Hayward - Hayward was very inconsistent with the Packers he'd have a god season a bad season, and than we he did finally get cut his much better with the Chargers the last two years he has looked like how he started his first year. He and Darwin James should be a night mare combo in the backfield.

#58 Leonard Fournette - This a very fair spot for a guy you surprised a lot of people becoming this impact player who basically destroyed the Steelers, and almost single handedly did it all offensive on the Patriots just nearly close to getting to the super bowl thanks to his deadly running style.

#57 Trent Williams - He is now the longest active active to never give up a sack which should plead his case to be higher up slightly more, since now protecting Alex Smith prove how valuable he is truly to that left side?

#56 Phillip Rivers - Total disrespect for a guy who is most certainly a top 10 Quarterback in this league period. I always loved Phillip Rivers even when he arrived replacing Drew Brees yes is the better player, but although he doesn't have a ring sadly yet he would be considered better than Eli Manning as long as you give the guy a surrounding cast of good to great pieces than they can be a sleeper team especially this year they look more balanced than they ever did a decade ago. Problem is Rivers is in must win now situation he ain't getting any younger however his better than some player of the same positions who I feel are nowhere better than him if you look at some key factors.

#55 Xavier Rhodes - A big piece of the Vikings secondary that usually protect the endzone very well. There are times though he can get be exposed especially against Marvin Jones.

#54 Ezekiel Elliott - To his defense his production fell of the crap he was dealing with that crooked ruling he was put through, when he was on the field he dd fairly well, and by the time that happened he just said screw it wait until next year. Zeke may fest this year, and i'm curious who they put ahead of him.

#53 Aqib Talib - I feel of the two corners playing now Peters should be much higher up the list, but i'm alright with where Mr. eye poke sits this is a perfect spot for him.

#52 Jarvis Landry - Like Diggs, I don't see Landry as a receiver just barely touching the top 50. Yes he did improve getting more touchdowns, but combine his no real care with Miami, and now off to Cleveland I'd definitely would have Michael Thomas right here, and it would be more justified based off of questionable at times ''character issues.''

#51 Case Keenum - No way is Keenum better than half the players already mentioned? Yes he had a good underdog and all, but keep in ind the system he had in Minnesota. Diggs and Thielen are good receivers, and he also had some pretty good tailbacks, and a Tight End who can be great in the endzone where in Denver he'll be entering a much different scheme probably struggle with plenty of work around unfamiliar unknown targets some we have yet to see play like there tight end crew. Rivers is a much more greater player than he is, Talib is much more proven despite the eye poking incident I mean just yeah no this one one is way wrong he should be like in the mid 90's where Cousins was placed.

#50 DeShaun Watson - Yes in the 1st half he was the best Quarterback behind Carson Wentz in terms of numbers he was off the charts, and unfortunately after his phenomenal game against the Texans he was on the shelf, and the teams last life when up in smokes. There's a good chance he could come back stronger than ever before.

#49 Darius Slay - Now this maybe an unpopular viewpoint, but i'm a homer, and to me the best Lion on the roster right now is the shut down corner Darius Slay we haven't had a decent/to good corner since Night train Lane way before our time. At first he didn't look all that his first three years, but as he matured, and got slowly better I can see him as a top 5 or 6 corner in this league, and easily the most important player arguably on the Lions roster.

#48 Cameron Hayward - Well seeing he just came off of his best season as a Steeler with a career high of 12 sacks yes Cameron definitely earned to be here one of better leaders on that defense.

#47 Ryan Shazier - I feel bad for the guy he maybe be able play football ever again due to his career threatening injury, but sorry Steelers fans he wouldn't be on my list since his done.

#46 Harrison Smith - Personally right now I'd edge the edge to Harrison Smith as the best safety in the game right now overtime comparing him to Earl Thomas who yes was once a great safety, but overtime when your defense starts to fade away time will tell when the productive falls, and for Harrison his never stopped.

#45 Devante Adams - I'll give him credit he can stay healthy, but man when his inconsistent over the four season it shows. Comparing him to other receivers while he had a good touchdown showing I would not give him a push for the top 50 by any means. Again he somehow is 50 spots above Doug Baldwin though yeah no totally off.

#44 David DeCastro - Hmm... I noticed something, little respect shown for those protecting their captain and tailback. Guards, Centers, and tackles seem to get little love on these types of lists. DeCastro definitely a top 5 guard, but seeing there very little seen on here makes you wonder is this an offensive loved list.

#43 Mark Ingram - Coming off his best year as a Saint Ingram is one of the stronger tail backs to take down. While he is suspended for a few games only time well determine how all this plays out, but until than the rookie sensation is higher up, but how high is the question.

#42 Earl Thomas - Good player, but like with many other players Earl Thomas time will tell what will happen in the next few years the legion of boom is pretty much dead, and the only remembrance is he and Bobby Wagner still left from that core defense otherwise the whole defensive scheme is gonna look totally different making Russell Wilson more of the focus for the team now fully depleted veterans gone.

#41 Keenan Allen - After having two fatal devastating injuries which is difficult to come back from Kennan Allen reformed to the player he once was in 2014. I guess top 50 is fair, but if were comparing there career than guys like Michael Thomas, and Doug Baldwin should be around here more less than just barely making the list.

#40 Tyreek Hill - I have no problem seeing Tyreek around the low portion of 50, but than who left of his position that's high up is the question. If Patrick ends up a trainwreck next season, but let's see or Kelce manage to do a great job still performing on a difficult schedule than one of those two you could argue to be higher up the list next go around.

#39 Tyron Smith - Defiantly one of the best left tackles in the game, and a key piece to the great wall 2.0 in Dallas, but unfortunately Dak underperformed, and zeke just went screw it on there last hurrah chance for the 6th seed. While the offense could be more focused on that old formula of what use to be Troy and Emmitt is what we may be witnessing in this case, but a very questionable set of players around them.

#38 Jared Goff - This may come as stunning as much as Liked the turnaround to Jared Goff in year two I would either have barely make the list or have him as an honorable mention because yeah he did well surprised a lot of people, but I have a question where is Alex Smith? The guy played with silent anger with the Chiefs, and had statistically his best year at his late stage of his career plays better now than he ever did when he first started out.

#37 Joey Bosa - Bosa already has 22 sacks in two season the Ohio State alumnists is making his presence known wreaking havoc on opposing offensive lines. One of the biggest upgrades the team needed when their defense was once very abysmal not stopping anything for those 5 season in the decade now have the closest thing to Junior Seau there is.

#36 Adam Thielen - Like Jared Goff I do like Thielen, and all, but not sure if I'd have him above Kareem Hunt. His way better than Stefon Diggs absolutely, but switch from 4 spots no harm no foul.

#35 A.J Bouye - Not sure if I'd place him in the mid 30's, but he did come off a great transitional season with a new team. Bouye could be more less be replaced by Slay and that would be fair enough yes it sounds like a homer choice, but believe me at Slay was more on the field than Bouye was for Houston.

#34 DeMarcus Lawrence - Lawrence definitely deserves top 50 maybe lower portion, but seeing he came off a 14.5 sacks that's pretty impressive, but my concern is that he has an on and off inconsistency warning to him each season can he break that streak if so than the spot can be justified.

#33 Kareem Hunt - The legend of the Hunt was unleashed week 1 wasn't it New England? Hunt was a sensational starts for 8 weeks of the regular, but than when the lost to the Cowboys his productive streak had fallen. While he has many years to go in his NFL career I would have t put Zeke Elliott here, and switch Hunt in the high 50's would be fair.

#32 Jadeveon Clowney - Granted he did a lot for a beat up defense, but this might be a bit of a push to have not only 30's, but top 50 overall.

#31 Matthew Stafford - I can't stand a guy who only cares about stats than the actual wins that make you a great QB in this league this guy is only gonna stand out for two reasons people are going to forget 1 his stats being labeled the fastest to reach insert whatever, and yes his 8 game drives in the 4th quarter in 2016. Keep in mind all those teams he beat that year were below .500 Phillip Rivers is a much better Quarterback at this rate while he may not have much years in him either I'd put him higher up than Stat Padford anyday.

#30 LeSean McCoy - Yeah his the best player for the Bills in terms of his value they value highly of shady McCoy, even now coming into his 30's still a top notch running back no doubt. I'd say a top 5 tail back for sure, but there's one name I see that's probably ranked a bit too high will get to him later.

#29 Matt Ryan - Top 50 player sure, can he bounce back his got the capabilities to do that, but with a different offensive coordinator holding him back where will that offense go with Matty ice going in to do strictly business?

#28 Chandler Jones - Oh no they didn't, Chandler Jones is only #27 what 10 other players are better than him now i'm curious this dude is another case of ego on the part of Bill Belichick. Jones was too good to be traded, and now with Jimmy G going its gonna be interesting how it all comes together after losing the super bowl, meanwhile Chandler has been a sack machine since being dealt to Arizona his a guy who give you life on that defense any chance given his there.

#27 Larry Fitzgerald - His a little too high yes his also a top 40 player, but his better than all of the Wide Receivers we have just past that's definitely correct, but I fell his just good, but not quite the player he once was a couple years back. His still gets 1,000 yards and all, but he is just there on a franchise going in rebuild mode meaning could this finally end the chapter of Larry Fitzgerald?

#26 Cameron Jordan - His definitely at a good spot in the top 30, but not better than Chandler Jones though despite not missing a single game of his career yet. Jordan did show why he was a vocal point on that revitalize defense of the Saints that was so bad for 4 years until finally drafting entirely on the defense and a big boost tandem on the offense New Orleans are in must win now situation Drew Brees has a little in him left wants to walk with one more ring before retiring. Jordan on the other hand has been a solid player due for something rewarding as this as well as other players in the top 10 who also deserve a ring at some point.

#25 Cam Newton - Cam Newton is also a top 10 of his position as well, a great elusive runner, but he can't do it all by himself though. I actually believe Matt Ryan is the better Quarterback of these two NFC South teams statistically.

#24 Travis Kelce - Kelce is probably the most charismatic player in the game today with a very emotional feel brought into his touchdown celebration to the point refs hate it, and I like players like that a lot. While he was taken out senselessly against the Titans strange how it shows his importance to that team, but yet again it is typical Andy Reid.

#23 Patrick Peterson - Patrick Peterson a top 25 player… no I don’t think so sure his stayed healthy all through his career, but better than two of his own fellow teammates is a big stretch. I push him outta the top 50 honestly you look at the stats its not really all that one interception I mean imagine just having one pick every season and suddenly where in the middle of a rebuild problem you must embrace your suck to help Josh Rosen.

#22 A.J. Green - Oh heck yeah A.J. Green is a top 5 Wide Receiver his very consistent, a guy who doesn’t quit on a cursed team like the Bengals A guy I always liked since he was drafted. I’d say for sure his there biggest, and there most important player on the field.

#21 Bobby Wagner - One of the last core players from the legion of boom super bowl defense, and I see him being on the team the longest honestly and I can see why tackle machine who can kinda do a lot for a middle centered linebacker.

#20 Alvin Kamara - Kamara is the other sensational running back alongside Kareem Hunt, and bot guys are a little too high on the list over veteran players. mcCoy is the better tailbacks and is a top 20 player for sure, and seeing Alvin climb up this high I can’t say i’m that mind boggled, but early on his wasn't the starter or anything, but he and Ingram are a lethal combo not to mess with.

#19 Everson Griffin - Good player, but I'd swap with Chandler Jones honestly. I have nothing against Everson, but looking at early parts of their career Jones is a top 20 arguably top 15 player in the game. Griffin still a good player is just 10 spots where its good.

#18 Ben Rothelisberger - While Big Ben has two rings, and a proven top 10 quarterback, this could be the last stand for Roethlisberger having nightmares of Jacksonville potentially haunts him late in his career.

#17 Jalen Ramsey - So Ramsey is considered the best corner in today's game according to the players, now he had a great second year i'll say that, but the order of the corners is very screwy. Peterson the second best corner in the game? Followed by his teammate Bouye yeah they definitely need a redo, and check that again because frankly that's a messed up top 5 in that one position alone.

#16 Khalil Mack - The best Raider on the team is by far Khalil Mack, and that's not even a debate. Yes Derek Carr can be a vital asset, but Mack hasn't missed a game, and can change an outcome of a game if his on fire.

#15 Rob Gronkowski - The only killer is that his not the healthiest Tight End out there, but when he is Gronk well ball out, and own a field when you give him the time, and place his the trusted hands to guide you to the endzone total package of blocking, and leverage catches.

#14 Calais Campbell - Phenomenal transitional season from a longtime Cardinal to potentially a nightmare player in Jacksonville. Campbell not only is got great veteran instinct, but also the talent around him is absolutely incredible to the point there almost too much to handle for any team they are one of the odds on favorite to go to the super bowl in 2018 due to their true strength replies more on that elite defense than it does the very questionable offense.

#13 DeAndre Hopkins - Yeah I'd say Hopkins is great player for a guy who had a lot of high standards to replace Andre Johnson he live up to that hype I mean here's a guy who had 7 or 8 different starters and still manages to put on a show I'd give my hat to him probably deserves a top 10 push honestly not far off, but he is very gifted player making a mediocre QB good fo a game or few.

#12 Luke Kuechly - He was great thanks to his awareness being absolutely incredible against many opposing drives in his coverage they'll wish to thank again. Luke definitely delivers the force with a pounding lunge for of sacks I'd argue Kuechly the more important piece than even Cam Newton at this stage right now.

#11 Russell Wilson - I use to hate the guy because I didn't believe he was quite the player everyone made him out to be since he was more less playing shadow with the once elite defense in the legion of boom, but now that there all gone Russell Wilson is now officially in his prime more than ever, and the fact his got such a god awful line, and is able to still get it out puts above most other quarterbacks who can't even thrive in so much terror his put through with such confident even. You could argue his a top 5 QB player if you want, but his above many for sure.

#10 Aaron Rodgers - Now here's what they consider the 10 best players in the game today, we start with a guy who only played the first half mostly, and was on his way looking like the player he was in 2011 season just coming ll clutch drives and all combine that, and the long hail mary king you got a top 3 quarterback when healthy, it is only a matter of time when another collarbone is the end for you.

#9 Von Miller - I cannot argue who the best Linebacker is in today's game being Von Miller is the type of guy that was made to be a Bronco, and oppose his will any disruption to every offense in the way of trying to score in avoid him is almost impossible to try and test him.

#8 Drew Brees - Maybe it is just me, but I always found Brees as the superior Quarterback to Aaron Rodgers for some reason, and I believe this is just fine there both close to another, but Brees would always be outbested by Rodgers for some reason i'm more impressed by Brees back-to-back-to-back 5,000 yards regular seasons streak he had despite a terrible squad those years, while Rodgers still was able to make the playoffs in those years this pretty much solidifies Why I think Drew is just closely more of a bigger player than him, but not many are going to see it that way.

#7 Aaron Donald - Seven is still does not due justice this is a rare breed tough, and scary combination of a extremely talented nose tackle with adrenaline to take down Quarterbacks all game long honestly Aaron Donald is a full fledged beast. His the highest ranked defensive player, and to me earns to be in the top 5 just by pure amazing work ethic alone his weight bench just recently shows how committed he is in football shape I like guys like this.

#6 Todd Gurley - I feel like Gurley bounced back strong, and I give him the nod as the best running back right honestly his younger than Bell, and has more years to go stack up the two you could go back, and forth, but for me Gurley was a surprise that he got this big for a one time questionable decision I fully regret.

#5 Le'Veon Bell - The most patience tail back in the game, while he is good with timing, and all. Once he leaves Pittsburgh things are going to get very interesting since yes he is a great back in this league top 5 yes, but right now the highest tail back not to me his had some issues in the past staying healthy that's where I give Todd the nod due to his only getting younger, and more like the version of what Marshall Faulk would become when the greatest show on turf was the most dynamic offense in the late to early 90's/00's style of the NFL.

#4 Julio Jones - I love Julio, but his way too high, yes his yardage production is superb, but call me crazy, but right now I gotta go with Hopkins as the #2 over Jones. Julio has had Matt Ryan since arriving in Atlanta meanwhile look at the hell Hopkins had to go through all the different quarterback changes. Again Julio isn't, bad by any means, but I found this way too high personally for him 10 would of been the least non-criticized, than to have him top 5 wow.

#3 Carson Wentz - A lot of fans are crapping on the rank they gave Wentz at #3 comparing how much Rodgers is a much better QB than Wentz. Now this is a difficult comparison because one yes they both got hurt at some point last season, but I looked at this with careful choices in play. Rodgers is the more precise player yes, but unfortunately the talent around him is not nearly what it use to be, but he makes it a effort somehow in that effect yeah I can see why they think he should be higher however he's my counterpart to this. Look at how much progression, and improvement Carson Wentz has shown in only two years so far in his career the weapons he'll have will be unreal. Everybody wants to play for the guy his given all sorts of veteran guys a chance on the team, and he made Ertz, and made Agholor a halfway decent #2 Wide Receiver. Come to think of it... yeah Top 3 is a big stepping stone for Wentz.

#2 Antonio Brown - The highest Wide Receiver of all the ones that made it do not compare to the man AB. Hines Ward was a good player at best, Santonio Holmes was once viewed as a great Steeler at one point, but had a cup of coffee in Gang green. Mike Wallace was only good in one system, Emmanuel Sanders never exactly reached his high until going to Denver, and now Enter Antonio Brown the last of that core Steelers receiving crop, and he took off like a rocket you could not contain who in this game can contain #84 who?

Honorable Mentions (There's)

Marcus Mariota - Had a terrible third year, and his passer rating was the worst, but did get a big playoff win.
Brandon Graham - Also known as the guy who did the unthinkable fumbling Brady in the super bowl classic for the ages.
Maurkice Pouncey - A good center one plenty of other teams would wanna have for sure.
Anthony Barr - I'd give him credit he delivered a blow to eliminate one of the four arguably three best Quarterbacks in the game in Rodgers who was on his way to becoming a potential dominator that season.
Julius Peppers - Peppers so should of been on this list for a guy whose old at least he produced at a high level still unlike the traitor James Harrison.
Michael Crabtree - I mean he was solid and all, but not good enough to mention really.
Malik Jackson - Seeing that most denver players from that 2010’s all decade team who left that defense don’t usually do well in other systems he manage to do fialy good in those two years when he got the massive pay.
Marvin Jones - Marvin did have a nice year for a #2 receiver, but can he really push himself to raise the bar higher next go around.
Alex Mack - Again not that many lineman were on the list, and Alex Mack is a key factor to Matt Ryan's success.

and now #1 Tom Brady - Without question is the best player still going at age 41 no less is an incredible achievement seriously the best 40 year old quarterback I've ever seen in my life its like he hasn't aged a bit. Terrific Tom is defiantly the type of player that can be compared to Joe Montana yes he may not be the reasons of four of five of his super bowl wins, but you can't deny Tom is an important player on that team for 2 decades since replacing Drew Bledsoe as the unknown at pick 199 from Michigan goes from being one of the greatest player in the NFL of all time not just now, but just ever I can't go against a fellow wolverine, and one I have grown up with seeing him go to work on the field.

Other players who were the biggest snubs in my view...

Alex Smith - How do you give zero respect for a guy who had his best season as a starter late in his career, than as opposed as to how he started out as? While i'm not a Alex Smith fan I give give it to him he laid it all out there in an anger style it all worked out the best.
Jordan Howard - I can’t believe there were no Chicago Bears player on this list if any deserve to be on there is by far Jordan Howard his like Matt Forte essentially a nice back you could plug that can dominate from scrimmage.
Tre'Davious White - Lattimore got a lot of love, but another guy who deserve just as much as him is Tre’Davious White of Buffalo I mean i’m surprised he didn’t make it just barely the dude caught an interception literally leaped on there against Gronkowski the best Tight End on this list I mean unreal and his got plenty of years to go
Ryan Kerrigan - Kerrigan is a stud linebacker a leader among men that easily should of made the list a top 50 player for sure heavily underrated considering a lot of the linebackers they did put on the list you could argue those that I did said probably wouldn’t be on the 100, but he so should of been.
T.Y Hilton - Even with a Shoulderless Andrew Luck, Hilton for the last few season with his star QB I have been very impressed with, but apparently the players were not quite given him a spot on the list I would of since I know the Colts are a very atrocious team right now, but T.Y. has grown on me, and seeing he was able to do what he could with Brissett who was okay I say he earns a spot from me at least more so than some of the receivers who I feel probably should be left off like Jarvis Landry, or even Michael Crabtree as there honorable mention.
Carlos Dunlap - Like I said before with Atkins you add in Dunlap into the combination it is a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks to fear what’s coming next where you can’t escape from the pocket when the lethal duo beats you down lights cincinnati style
Brian Orakpo - While guys like Casey, or Bynard made there great presence known we can’t leave out the former Redskins who was a good #2 linebacker when London Fletcher was down and that’s Orakpo a solid type core guy who can teach Landry, and Evans the ropes, and you could be seeing a scary good defense for years to come.
Eric Weddle - I’m shocked to find Weddle was not included at all, I mean I saw a good portion of highlights he had last season, and none of that was well received by the players themselves?
Deion Jones - Check this out, last season the Falcons were more of a defensive team than an offensive team right well Deion Jones went from this really good linebacker to a great predator tackling machine the guy has almost 140+ tackles which is considerably amazing to have somebody like that.
Brandin Cooks - Cooks has transcended himself from a valuable receiver for Drew Brees to another great quarterback in Tom Brady, now he heads to LA with Jared Goff and could still managed to fit into a new scheme all find like no worries Cooks is a unique player especially this young into his career who doesn’t want a guy who can put it all out there how he didn’t make the cut i’m not sure.

There the list so like always these list always change overtime with new additions like before so until next time who knows what's next at this rate, but happy fourth of July from various countries your from.


Holy crap, this must’ve taken a really long time. Nice analysis. I questioned the top 100 a lot this year. - PackFan2005