Best Formula One Drivers to Never Win the Drivers Championship Title

Sometimes statistics don't always tell the whole story...
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The Top Ten

1 Stirling Moss Stirling Moss

He was a highly competent driver and arguably better than most of the Title holders in F1 history..Having won 16 of his 66 starts (9th all time best win ratio) finished second in the Drivers' standings on four occasions and had three third-place finishes...Was on the brink of tasting the joy of clinching the WDC in 1968 but unfortunately lost out by a single point due to his commendable sportsmanship... - Arhaan95

2 Ronnie Peterson Ronnie Peterson

He had 10 race wins in 123 starts of his F1 Career..Often considered to be the quickest driver of the 70s...Came close to winning the title in 1971 and 1973 but politics and unreliability of the car denied him what could have been a truly special moment. - Arhaan95

3 Gilles Villeneuve Gilles Villeneuve

Though he had a brief stint in F1, but nevertheless the impact that he made was truly remarkable. Stood at the top step of the podium on 6 occasions and many would have followed if it wasn't for his tragic demise during 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. - Arhaan95

4 Stefan Bellof Stefan Bellof

Another victim of tragedy...Passed away way too soon...and all the potential in the world - Arhaan95

5 Chris Amon Chris Amon

Would have won numerous Grand Prix and probably the Drivers Title too...But strings of mechanical failures and bad luck shattered his hope... Especially the 1968 season, where despite being in a competitive Ferrari, ended up 10th in Final Drivers Standings... - Arhaan95

6 Jacky Ickx Jacky Ickx
7 Robert Kubica Robert Kubica

He was destined to be crowned the world champion...but fate took a drastic turn as his career succumbed after a devastating accident, which nearly cost him an arm... - Arhaan95

8 Gerhard Berger Gerhard Berger
9 Jean Alesi Jean Alesi
10 Felipe Massa Felipe Massa

Although was hesitant to feature him in the list but really feel for the 2008 WDC loss by a point...really was an emotional moment that too in front of his home crowd... - Arhaan95

Should have won the 2008 title he deserved it