Best Yoshi Theater Movies for Yoshi’s Woolly World

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The Top Ten

1 Fetch It!
2 Treasured Things
3 Shoot!
4 Cookies
5 Onrush
6 House Building
7 Pancakes
8 Jump!
9 Good Night
10 Limbo Dancing

The Contenders

11 Peekaboo
12 The Goal Ring
13 Piano
14 Racing

I love this one. I did it with my yarn Yoshies. Poochy and pink Yoshi are setting a race for Green Yoshi and light-Blue Yoshi. They start the race, but after a few seconds Green Yoshi trips. Light blue Yoshi is about to win, but Green Yoshi is Riding on poochy. Green Yoshi gets past light-blue Yoshi and wins.

15 Poochy’s Nap
16 The Rubber Band
17 Lamp Light Show
18 Doodling
19 Good Morning
20 Hide and Seek
21 Dozing Off
22 Watermelon
23 Bear!
24 Coffee
25 This is Poochy!
26 Just as Things Get Important...
27 Game Over
28 Fluttering
29 Snacks
30 Coming and Going
31 Wanna Open It