The Top 10 Ethiopian Gospel Hip-Hop Artists

This list is about the top three Ethiopian Gospel Hip-Hop Artists like (Eyu Kassa, Yamlu Molla and Kemi). The other lists are the about the most influential Gospel Singers around the Teenage and the youth favourites.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Eyu Kassa

Eyu Jehu Judah Kassa II or better known by his regular name Eyu Kassa and his stage name J Biz is an Ethiopian Gospel Hip-Hop Artist and Song writer labeling #1 on the field. His Ethnicity is Ethio Jewish

2 Yamlu Molla

Yamlu Molla is an Ethiopian sound engineer, song writer and a talented rapper. He owns a record label called Grind Stone Music Laboratory, and home many artists like Eyu Kassa and Kumneger Mesafint

3 Kumneger Mesafint

Kumneger Mesafint is another Ethiopian Gospel Rapper and Song writer. He gained fame through the debut album Addis Radio which he collaborates with Yamlu.

4 Dawit Danny Wolde

After his album Mezmur 91 he gained a lot of success and fame. His production Psalm 91 is going well. Dawit Wolde is an amazing singer and song writer. His track from his album Mezmur 91 was a craze for all Ethiopian teenages.

5 Bereket Tesfaye

Bereket Tesfaye is Singer and song writer. By default he is not rapper but just a musical artist. He is a musician too. He gained a huge fame after his album Taylign.

6 Ephrem Alemu

Ephrem Alem another influential Singer his song some how go to HipHop although he is very anointed Singer and Song writer.

7 Yishak Sedik

Yishak Sedik is a very amazing guy he is most influential person of the year in Ethiopia around the Gospel

8 Ahavah Gospel Singers

It's group and they are hiphop artists making on great songs for this generation

9 Awtaru Kebede
10 Meskerem Getu