Top 10 2D Animated Walt Disney Animation Studios Films

Remember when Disney used to make 2D animated films? I miss those days. There were a lot of great ones. So let’s discuss them.

The Top Ten


I would say easily as far this list goes as with all the segments having an appeal to them. - iliekpiez

Easily the greatest Disney movie of all time. Such a perfectly animated movie combined with such a beautiful soundtrack - kempokid

Best film ever made by Disney! And best villain. I LOVE CHERNABOG! - asantalo

It is truly beautiful! - Phillip873

The Lion King

I don’t think I’m gonna watch the Lion King remake. I’ve only seen one clip of it and that clip didn’t catch my interest at all. Why would I watch a remake that I already know isn’t gonna be as good as the original when I can just sit on my chair at home and watch the original on dvd? This is a movie that will never get old no matter how many times you watch it. The characters are very easy to like. The songs are very great. The animation is very great. This is the kind of movie that simply can’t be replaced. It really bothers me that they are remaking it for the sake of making profit. They know that people will rush to the theaters to see the new movie because of nostalgia. Not me. I’m never gonna watch that CGI filled cash grab. - MegaSoulhero

Beauty and the Beast

Great - 445956

The fact that Emma Watson got nominated for a Kids Choice Award shows how dumb the KCAs are now. Anyway, the original animated Beauty and the Beast film is truly a classic. Belle is one of the best Disney princesses out there. The movie shows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Despite the unnamed prince being a beast most of the time, Belle learns to fall in love with him while he’s a beast. Of course, the message kind of gets ruined at the end. At least the live action film fixed that problem. Wow. Did I actually just compliment the live action film? Anyway, this is an excellent movie that everyone loves. I haven’t heard of a single person who hasn’t seen it or doesn’t love it. It’s impossible to hate. - MegaSoulhero


Great - 445956

Sooner or later they’re gonna release images of what Will Smith’s Genie is gonna look like in the live action film. And I’m already prepared to use the hashtag #NotMyGenie. Aladdin’s a great film. It was a huge part of my childhood. Aladdin and Jasmine have excellent chemistry, the Genie is absolutely hilarious, and Jafar is a very great and intimidating villain. Every scene is very memorable. Every song is very memorable. Which is why I was disappointed by the Broadway musical. It didn’t have the same charm that the movie had. That magic carpet scene was terrible. It was just Aladdin and Jasmine flying on a carpet, surrounded by stars with a moon in the background that turns into the Earth. So basically they flew into outer space? Also, the new songs were very forgettable. They also ruined the Prince Ali scene. The musical was good, but it was nowhere near as good as the movie. - MegaSoulhero

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

From what I’ve heard, this movie was pretty hated when it first came out. Mainly by book fans who say it wasn’t true to the original story. Since I don’t care about books, I don’t have a problem with. These days, a lot of people really appreciate the film. This was back when Disney wasn’t afraid to get dark. If this had been released very recently, people would complain about its dark atmosphere and how it’s too scary for younger children. These days we have movies like Frozen, Tangled, Zootopia, and Wreck-it Ralph that, while having dark moments in them, kind of play it a little too safe. Despite those being good films, I kind of miss the days when Disney movies were a lot more intense. The Hellfire scene alone is a perfect example of how dark this film can get. It even has the best climax of any Disney film. A true masterpiece. - MegaSoulhero


I love this film as well, especially the titular character, Timothy, Mrs. Jumbo, the elephants on parade and especially the crows!

Tim Burton is gonna ruin this movie. Pretty sure the only reason he agreed to do it is because of the Pink Elephants on Parade scene. The design of the live action/CG Dumbo character is just flat out awful. Dumbo is indeed a great movie. In a way, it’s kind of relatable. Dumbo is given a hard time for having huge ears, but eventually he realizes that having huge ears isn’t so bad as they help him to fly. I’m sure most of us have had moments similar to this. I would say that this is one of the very few movies that made me cry, but I actually didn’t cry during that scene when Dumbo sees his mother. Although, it was really touching. That Pink Elephants On Parade scene is probably my favorite scene in the movie. Even though it adds absolutely nothing to the film whatsoever. Still, it was great and it lead to one of the greatest moments in Fantasmic! Dumbo is an excellent film that everyone should watch. - MegaSoulhero

The Jungle Book

I don't really like it, 2016 remake is better.


I’m crying right now because the live action Mulan movie got moved to 2020. It’s the only live action remake I’m looking forward to. Mulan is objectively the best princess ever. That goes without saying. This movie shows that even a woman can be a warrior. This is a great message to all the little girls out there. I also find this to be one of the funniest Disney princess movies. Mushu is absolutely hilarious. It’s too bad they completely ruin him in the sequel. I also like those three guys whose names I don’t remember at the moment. But they are very funny. If I had to choose a favorite song, it would be I’ll Make a Man Out of You. It’s so awesome and very fun to sing. I should know because I sang it with someone at a high school performance. Mulan is great. I can’t wait for the live action film. The actress they got to play Mulan is super hot. - MegaSoulhero

The Fox and the Hound
The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog was the last 2D animated Disney princess film to be released. Because this movie and Winnie the Pooh didn’t do so well at the box office, John Lasseter had the “brilliant” decision of just doing CG films from now on. Even though the reason why these movies didn’t do so well is because they were released around the same time as bigger films. I hope John Lasseter never comes back. Have you seen the trailer for Wreck-it Ralph 2? It looks good but it also doesn’t look like a Disney film. Disney films are supposed to be timeless. Princess and the Frog is great no matter what. And I’m just gonna end it there because I’m sure anyone who’s seen the film can recognize its greatness. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Wale Disneys first animated film in 1937 or 1938

The Rescuers
The Emperor's New Groove

Easily one of the funniest Disney movies. I watched this a million times when I was a kid. I never got tired of it. I would always laugh at all of the jokes. It would always put a smile on my face. It even got its own T.V. series that was also really great. That’s a hint at a list that I’m currently working on. There’s a lot to like about Emperor’s New Groove. Each character gets their moment to shine. The best characters would have to be the villains. Yzma and Kronk are such a great duo. There was a sequel that was all about Kronk and it kinda sucked. But whatever. Emperor’s New Groove is the Disney movie I remember the most from my childhood. Very hilarious and very fun. - MegaSoulhero

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, while not the best Disney princess film, is still a pretty good and memorable film. The songs are very excellent. Since they’re written by Alan Menken, that should go without saying. The animation also still holds up. I love how much detail they put into the undersea world to make it look like they’re actually underwater. It also kind of puts us into the world as well. The villain is easily one of the best. Ursula is so over the top that it makes her very enjoyable. This movie also has some pretty dark moments. Like when Ursula gets impaled. Hard to believe that happened in a Disney film. This movie is by no means perfect and not the masterpiece that everyone says it is, but it is still pretty enjoyable. - MegaSoulhero

101 Dalmatians
Winnie the Pooh
The Aristocats
Oliver & Company
Lady and the Tramp
Lilo & Stitch

My Favorite Disney Movie - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Hercules (1997)

How the hell is this not part of the top 10?!


The Black Cauldron
The Great Mouse Detective

This movie deserves to be much, much higher. I mean come on, gorgeous animation, beautiful songs, a great heroine.

Treasure Planet
Fun and Fancy Free
The Three Caballeros


Sleeping Beauty
Alice in Wonderland

Decent film, amazing book - 445956

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Such a great movie. - darthvadern

The Rescuers Down Under
Peter Pan
Brother Bear
Robin Hood
The Sword in the Stone
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Fantasia 2000

Deserves much higher - iliekpiez

Saludos Amigos
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Make Mine Music
Melody Time
Home on the Range
The Tigger Movie

This is one of the very few Disney movies with a sincere, heartfelt message, best explained in Kenny Loggins' closing song; "If you feel lost and on your own, and far from home, you're never alone, you know; just think of your friends, the ones who care. They all will be waiting there with love to share, and your heart will lead you home." In this film, Tigger (Jim Cummings, in a performance so brilliant and tearful it should've won him an Oscar) searches for his "Tigger family tree", only to discover his friends (Roo, Pooh, Piglet, Kanga, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, and Christopher Robin) have been his "family" all along. If this doesn't deserve a spot on this list, I don't know any Disney movie that does!

The Road to El Dorado
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