Top Ten 2D Shapes


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1 Circle

Who cares about all the other shapes in the world! I say circle is the best!

No other shape is that perfectly rounded. - ded323

Circle is the coolest

What is not to love about round shapes. They never hit you..

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2 Square

I love it
I love it
I love it
I love it
I love it
I love it

Are you trying to make a square from that text? You flopped that. Three lines would be closest as possible to it. - PositronWildhawk

Lic my pen15

3 Decagon
4 Heart

It's the shape that represents true love (but it's not what its 3D counter part looks like) - ded323

The girlish shape that always comes in handy for decorating

Circles r boring, go hearts

So many girls in the world x(

5 Triangle

The Egyptians favorite shape! (not really... Well possibly... Hmm). - ded323

The triangle is by far the strongest shape

It's the god damn strongest shape

This is ridiculous! I am infuriated! The triangle should be the best shape obviously. It's scientifically proven to be the strongest 2 dimensional shape. Have you ever heard of a success square? NO! Triangle is obviously number 1.
Thank you

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6 Pentagon

Sixth shape that I learned to make. - ded323

Go stars! They are definitely great. I like them the best, but I didn't know that they were official 2d shapes. Yay stars!

It's called a meme it's called a rainbow meme! I hope you all go to hell!

It's called a meme it's called a rainbow meme! I hope that you all go to hell!

7 Heptagon
8 Octagon

Do you know how many car crashes would occur without these things? No really do you, because I don't? - ded323

9 Diamond

Great shape. could be a kite or like a rhombus and for that reason should definitely be higher than a rhombus u silly geese. (: anyway

10 Rectangle

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11 Star

I like this shape, why at the bottom? :/

12 Oval

Is an oval truely round? (stupid question, I know) - ded323

13 Rhombus
14 Nonagon
15 Hexagon


16 Apeirogon

Its like a circle but its not because its made out of infinite straight lines! How cool is that?

It's like a sophisticated circle

It has a cool name

17 Decagram
18 Heptadecagon
19 Tetradecagon
20 Dodecagon
21 Pentagram
22 Icosagon
23 Tridecagon
24 Octagram
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