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1 Circle

Circle was my first word. The Cyrkle was a great pop group as well.

Who cares about all the other shapes in the world! I say circle is the best!

No other shape is that perfectly rounded.

Circle is the coolest

2 Triangle

Pretty nice shape. It is pretty cool. A little simple, but nothing wrong with that.

They are the best shape! Think the illuminati, Bill Cipher, Doritos, Pyramids, Cones, Christmas Trees, the letter A! AND SO MUCH MORE! They also, factually, are the strongest shape in GEOMETRY! #TRIANGLESQUADFORLIFE!

Other shapes break under pressure of sun, one shape does not. THAT SHAPE IS TRIANGLE

LIsten guys I like many others used to think that the circle was the best shape. But then she left me... FOR JEFF! I always asked myself why, why would she leave me. Then I went on a trip to egypt. There I saw the pyramids for the first time and I was amazed. I had spent my whole life thinking that the circle was the best shape. I had been taught that by the epcot center and other rumors. But these rumors were out of standardize of haux. But I see now... it's the triangle. The triangle in the best shape. I will win my wife back! I will kill Jeff! and I will ace my walmart interview! I want my story to be a lesson to you all. Never make the mistakes I did. Don't let Jeff steal your wife and certainly don't be fooled into thinking the circle in number one. THE TRIANGLE IS THE BEST!

3 Square

Highly respectable shape

4 Decagon
5 Pentagon

The shape is beautiful, and comes from a very important number. you have 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot. You enter kindergarten at 5. 5 O'clock is a common time to eat dinner. Lots of animals have either 4 or 6 legs, but whats in the middle, and whats the average? 5!

The shape of the military!

I like pentagons.

Sixth shape that I learned to make.

6 Heart

It's the shape that represents true love (but it's not what its 3D counter part looks like)

The girlish shape that always comes in handy for decorating

"It matches with pink, my favorite color."

Circles r boring, go hearts

7 Heptagon

Shapes are all awesome

8 Octagon

Do you know how many car crashes would occur without these things? No really do you, because I don't?

Lol octagon is #8

9 Diamond


Great shape. could be a kite or like a rhombus and for that reason should definitely be higher than a rhombus u silly geese. (: anyway

10 Rectangle

it better than a square


The Contenders

11 Star

I Do love Stars(In shape format, from over here.)! The 5-Pointed Shapes that Can have All sorts of colors!

I like this shape, why at the bottom? :/

its got millions all over the world

Underrated shape!

12 Oval

An awesome shape, it symbolizes the beginning of life an all the different variations of consuming the egge.

Is an oval truely round? (stupid question, I know)


il ike it

13 Hexagon

Very cool

A regular hexagon has interior angles of 120°, making it the most mechanically stable arrangement of atoms/molecules. This is the reason why we see hexagons so much in nature, such as some rocks, honeycombs and insect eyes.

Credit: It’s OK To Be Smart (Video: Why nature loves hexagons)

East or west. hexagon is the best.
bees aprove!

It'a a 2D cube.

14 Nonagon
15 Rhombus

Come on,this is shape is not so,this shape is my favourite

16 Bean Shape

It's a pretty cool shape, I like it. Actually, scratch that, it's a very cool shape, super underrated. Please give support for this beautiful shape.


Love shaped.

17 Apeirogon

Its like a circle but its not because its made out of infinite straight lines! How cool is that?

It has a cool name

It's like a sophisticated circle

Arguably the edgiest shape

18 Trapezoid

Trapizoids are awesome.. You trap three triangles in the shape. I know I'm gonna be the only one voting for this, but I love this shape and this is my favorite one.

19 Pentagram
20 Cuboid
21 Dodecagon
22 Icosagon
23 Tridecagon
24 Line

Not even 2D but ok

25 Parallelogram

Obviously the coolest shape, combines the comforting simplicity of a rectangle with the overwhelming strength of the triangle, together it makes this funky little shape!

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